Exciting Accredited Permaculture Education Opportunities

Story by Chris Carroll and Virginia Solomon, February 2018
Qualifications in Permaculture are now available through the national Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management Training Package.
The package, that’s available for delivery Australia wide, incorporates Certificate I, II, III, IV in Permaculture and the Diploma of Permaculture.
This means that:

  • registered Training Organisations (RTOs) can begin to offer this training
  • schools can be offering recognised qualifications to their students and training their staff to teach it
  • students looking for accredited Certificates and Diplomas can press the RTOs to add this training
  • qualified permaculture people can do the same and offer to be employed to teach them at the same time.

Don’t forget that Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is one of the pathways into this training so, if you have background and experience, think about converting these to a nationally recognised qualification.
It is up to all of us to get the word out… nothing boosts supply like a demand!
If we approach the providers, if we ask for the training, if we agitate for permaculture qualifications being included as desirable knowledge in job ads, it will happen.
Seeing the expansion of permaculture education around Australia and internationally is very exciting!

APT information sheets

Download the APT information sheets:

For more information

Please email Permaculture Australia’s Education Working Group at education@permacultureaustralia.org.au for more information.

Where to do a Permaculture Diploma?

A PA member recently requested to know some options for where/how to do a Permaculture Diploma. In Australia, the options are:

Qualifications accredited in the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF):

  1. Accredited vocational training in Permaculture => AHC52115 Diploma of Permaculture. Available at:

Awards that are not accredited in the AQF but which have a long pedigree as internationally recognised study with an experienced mentor:

  1. The Diploma in Permaculture (http://www.permaculturevisions.com/courses/diploma-in-permaculture)
  2. Blue Mountains Permaculture Institute offer a diploma (http://www.bluemountainspermacultureinstitute.com.au/sample-page-1)

Notes to consider:

  • The Diploma of Permaculture (AHC52115) is intended for people working in communities, designing large projects, teaching and training to this level, strategic planning at a relatively large scale and local government/business initiatives etc. The Diploma of Permaculture is an 18 month (3 semesters or equivalent) course where participants are trained to be job-ready for a managerial career in permaculture. They are likely to be working in a leadership capacity for organisations, groups, or enterprises and in jobs involving a whole system approach to planning, design, management and implementation of integrated permaculture projects and programs, permaculture community programs, and the operation of permaculture enterprises.
  • Options 3 & 4 are non-formal, non-accredited awards available more generally and linked to the knowledge and teacher-pupil relationship of the PDC whereas Options 1 & 2 are accredited certified training (ie something where the endpoint is a career/job in permaculture).