A PA member recently requested to know some options for where/how to do a Permaculture Diploma. In Australia, the options are:

Qualifications accredited in the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF):

  1. Accredited vocational training in Permaculture => AHC52115 Diploma of Permaculture. Available at:

Awards that are not accredited in the AQF but which have a long pedigree as internationally recognised study with an experienced mentor:

  1. The Diploma in Permaculture (http://www.permaculturevisions.com/courses/diploma-in-permaculture)
  2. Blue Mountains Permaculture Institute offer a diploma (http://www.bluemountainspermacultureinstitute.com.au/sample-page-1)

Notes to consider:

  • The Diploma of Permaculture (AHC52115) is intended for people working in communities, designing large projects, teaching and training to this level, strategic planning at a relatively large scale and local government/business initiatives etc. The Diploma of Permaculture is an 18 month (3 semesters or equivalent) course where participants are trained to be job-ready for a managerial career in permaculture. They are likely to be working in a leadership capacity for organisations, groups, or enterprises and in jobs involving a whole system approach to planning, design, management and implementation of integrated permaculture projects and programs, permaculture community programs, and the operation of permaculture enterprises.
  • Options 3 & 4 are non-formal, non-accredited awards available more generally and linked to the knowledge and teacher-pupil relationship of the PDC whereas Options 1 & 2 are accredited certified training (ie something where the endpoint is a career/job in permaculture).


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