About us

Long gone are the days of the Permaculture International Journal, but since that time Permaculture International Ltd (PIL) has evolved as a democratically controlled, charitable hub within the national permaculture movement.

As a hub, PIL does not seek to dominate or dictate. Rather, it seeks cooperative relations with other permaculture and allied organisations and with agencies and entities in government, business and our communities. This is in the true tradition of permaculture.

Our enterprises

To achieve this and to keep the permaculture design system relevant to contemporary realities, PIL engages in the following enterprises:

  • the creation and administration of the Accredited Permaculture Training system of nationally-recognised permaculture qualifications
  • management of the PermaFund tax-deductable donation and granting initiative
  • providing an organisational memory for the permaculture design system so that we can learn from our past experience as we move into new times and new challenges
  • networking between permaculture practitioners that creates keeps us on track to those original goals of the permaculture design system through—
    • establishing and managing the Permaculture-oceania email communications system
    • establishing and developing an online social networking initiative on our website.

The founders of the permaculture design system, David Holmgren and Bill Mollison, advised us to work with those who want to learn and to work where it counts. In providing its services and offering its perspectives to established permaculture practitioners and those new to the design system, Permaculture International's record is of an organisation that contributes to the fulfilment of David and Bill's dictum.

Join us on this great permaculture adventure in good design and let us move forward into the future confidentially and in creative collaboration.