About us

Permaculture Australia, enabling new initiatives in design for resilience ...

  • offering you vocational education through Accredited Permaculture Training
  • putting your donations to constructive use through our Permafund tax-deductable donation and granting initiative
  • enabling communication and collaboration between permaculture practitioners through Permaculture Australia’s social media.

By joining us you help us educate and advocate permaculture solutions.

Permaculture International Limited (PIL) (more commonly known as Permaculture Australia) began in 1987 with a focus on publishing the Permaculture International Journal, taking over from Terry White who had published the magazine from the late 1970’s.  PA published PIJ for over a decade, until 2000. PA was also established to provide a vital nexus for permaculturists, nationally and internationally, to support each other, share information and promote permaculture through education and information services.  PA has evolved as a member-based, democratically controlled national body, with a particular emphasis on operating a charitable hub (Permafund) and supporting Accredited Permaculture Training.

In the true tradition of permaculture, PA seeks cooperative relations with other permaculture and allied organisations and with agencies and entities in government, business, and our communities.

Our activities

To achieve this and to keep the permaculture design system relevant to contemporary realities, PA engages in the following activities:

  • the creation and administration of the Accredited Permaculture Training system of nationally-recognised permaculture qualifications
  • management of the Permafund tax-deductible donation and granting initiative
  • networking between permaculture practitioners that keeps us on track to those original goals of the permaculture design system through establishing and developing online social networking initiatives as well as on our website
  • Offering member benefits that promote the permaculture consciousness.

The founders of the permaculture design system, David Holmgren and Bill Mollison, advised us to work with those who want to learn and to work where it counts. In providing its services and offering its perspectives to established permaculture practitioners and those new to the design system, Permaculture Australia's record is of an organisation that contributes to the fulfilment of David and Bill's dictum.

Daily Operation

On a day to day basis, PA operates in the virtual world i.e. there is no physical office. There are 3 very part time paid contractors:

  • Kym Blechynden: Administration and Memberships Manager/Social Media and Marketing Administrator
  • Kiran Charles: Webmaster
  • Boyd Attewell: Accountant

There are also around 20 others in various volunteer working groups. These groups meet online once a month and an elected Board of Directors also meets monthly. 

Join us on this great permaculture adventure in good design and let us move forward into the future confidently and in creative collaboration.