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Products - Online/Australia-wide

PA Face Masks


If you’re wondering what has making reusable face masks got to do with permaculture…. the answer is lots! These masks will help keep people safe (People Care), reduce single use masks (Earth Care) and profits are being donated to assist with permaculture projects and being made by volunteers donating their surplus time (Fair Share). Available for purchase via mail order today including the ‘Costa’ mask pictured here.

Discount offered to PA members: 10% off all masks

PERMACULTURE: A Designers' Manual

Member discounts of 25% from Tagari Publications for Bill Mollison’s PERMACULTURE: A Designers’ Manual.


Discount offered to PA members: 25%

Politics of Permaculture - Book

The Politics of Permaculture is one of the first books to unpack the theory and practice of this social movement that looks to challenge the status quo. Drawing upon the rich seam of publications and online communities from the movement as well as extensive interviews with permaculture practitioners and organisations from around the world, Leahy explains the ways permaculture is understood and practiced in different contexts.


Discount offered to PA members: 30%

Van Veen Organics

van Veen Organics is a community business providing biological and ecological solutions. We help grow people and their environments through education and personal, business and permaculture development.

Our aim is to improve our local ecology, grow the healthiest sustainable cultures for people and the environment. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and the benefits of working with nature. We offer our coaching via telephone or skype Australia wide.

Discount offered to PA members: 10% off all our coaching services

Power Planter

The Power Planter is an attachment for your cordless drill that turns it into a very effective soil cultivator. Ideal for breaking up compacted ground, unlike other digging tools it doesn’t require brute strength to make it work. Power Planters are a quality tool that will give you years of digging under home garden conditions. Hand welded in the USA with a lifetime warranty on materials and craftsmanship.

All Permaculture Australia members get a $15 discount off any Power Planter model or kit.

Permaculture Principles

From books (digital and hardcopy), to magazines from Australia and overseas and the annual permaculture principles calendar (sales of which support Permaculture Australia’s Permafund small grants scheme), Permaculture Principles is a storehouse of everything Permaculture.

Members are offered a 10% discount on all items in their (AU) store.


Pip Magazine

Pip Magazine  is your essential guide to permaculture, with all the inspiration, ideas and practical skills that you need to grow yourself, in the garden and in life. Pip offers a 10% discount (print magazines only).



Vitec produces premium certified organic liquid fertilisers which are 100% Australian made using 100% Australian sourced ingredients. Vitec has been supplying fertiliser for over 29 years to large and small agricultural farming organisations across Australia. From crop growers to wineries, from hobby farmers to market gardens, Vitec’s range of organic fertilisers have been improving soil quality, increase yields and providing a chemical free alternative for nearly three decades. Vitec utilises fresh Australian bull kelp, collected from the pristine shores of King Island along with deep sea fish to create high quality, high nutrient fertiliser solutions.

At Vitec, we are committed to building a healthier environment for us all and invite you to join us by using our natural, organic fertilisers and Stock Supplements.

Vitec is offering PA members 20% off all fertilisers – King Kelp, Fish, Combo and Combo Plus – 1L, 5L, 10L and 20L. 

Greenpatch Organic Seeds

Greenpatch Organic Seeds is a family owned business that was pioneering seeds and plants as certified organic in 1993. From the beginning Greenpatch has made a unique approach to not only selling seeds but growing seeds and plants organically onsite. We are dedicated to organic principals in all aspects of our farm/lifestyle and making it as sustainable as we possibly can. Our current farm/shop is nestled on the Mid North Coast where we currently grow 190 varieties of seeds and propagate 400 varieties of plants on site. All of our products can be viewed online or you can request a FREE Catalogue by phoning 02 6551 4240. Products shipped nationwide except to WA.

Offer: 5% Off Storewide 

Going Green Solutions

Going Green Solutions has been at the forefront of sustainability for over 10 years. We are always looking for the best eco-friendly products for your homes, businesses and organisations, and are committed to excellent customer service. We investigate the sustainability and ethical credentials of every product we stock – so that you can shop with peace of mind, knowing your choices are making a difference. Choose eco-friendly biodegradable catering ware for your business or event, use eco-friendly cleaning products and paper supplies in your home or office, and access a range of household necessaries – this is how we nurture an ethos of care for Planet Earth.

Offer: 10% off retail orders (excludes catering supplies and other bulk or wholesale items) is an online earth care and regenerative agriculture supplier of compost and compost tea production equipment, monitoring instruments, boosters, microbes and knowledge for any scale operation, from backyard to commercial production.

We have been making high quality composts for many years and have a broad range of experience in soil, soil biology and organic systems. We can supply regular or organic certified booster materials as well as equipment.

Our products, technologies and information will enable you to improve your compost and soil life as well as helping to reduce waste.

GroundGrocer is offering a 10% discount to PA members on EM-1, REOTEMP thermometers and moisture meters. 

Wire Pegs

Order high quality stainless steel wire clothes pegs online. What a wonderful gift idea. Bulk order with friends and save $$$! Various grades of stainless steel available according to your location. Australia wide free shipping. means no more throwaway plastic or wooden pegs!

Members are offered a 10% discount on all items when total order exceeds $40. 

Hand Forged Artisan Tools

Buy Hand Forged Artisan Tools by Michael Drinkwater Online

Australian made, user friendly, traditional design, robust engineering, premium crafted wooden handles, hand forged from one piece of steel without welds. We’re so confident in their reliability that we offer an unconditional warranty.

Our range of hand crafted tools are available to buy safely and securely online. Offer available to PA members: 10% off all tools.

Zippy Weeder

Australia’s best weeder; Australian owned and made. Engineered to last. Online orders shipped nationwide.

Members are offered a 5% discount on all weeders.

WaterUps From Down Under®

WaterUps From Down Under® is an Australian designed and manufactured re-cycled product that allows the grower the convenience to build an extremely effective and sustainable watering system for gardens and other landscape environments. The concept is based on the capillary action of water-wicking and the product is easy and cost effective to install, reduces water waste and saves time and money on the maintenance of green space. Watering from below also promotes plant and crop health and yield by assisting in maintaining soil biology quality which can often be compromised when watering from above.

20% off WaterUps® products (Australian delivery only)

Permaculture Tools

Permaculture Tools aims to provide quality hand tools at an affordable price but without the hassle and to provide education in how to use them correctly.

The vision about Permaculture Tools came about 15 years ago, at The Permaculture Research Institute working with old style hand tools from around the world. Many people would ask where they could buy one of these or one of those and the answer was always “the country they came from” or “good luck finding one of these old tools in a garage sale”. This is where the vision came from; wanting to supply fellow permaculture practitioners with good quality hand tools that were easy to access.
Part of this vision was to also be able to train people in the correct use of these hand tools. I have seen many people with years of experience in the field of permaculture using hand tools incorrectly. Permaculture Tools offers practical based training and education in the use and maintenance of hand tools most commonly used in permaculture.

10% off tools for PA Members (this excludes courses, ebooks, and any other resources and excludes sales items as well as U.S.A Sales.)

Organic Motion

Organic Motion is committed to educating and inspiring individuals, organisations and communities around the benefits and joys of edible landscaping.

Organic Motion provides education, training and edible landscapes across the globe. From intimate urban gardens to corporate and commercial visions, including: complete ‘done for you’ edible gardens, custom landscape designs and instalations, for personal private use and large-scale development projects, incorporating spectacular cutting edge landscaping designs and self-sustaining ecological communities.

PA members receive a 10% discount for our Permaculture Landscape Design Service 

10% off Tropical Superfoods Guide E-book.

Robin Clayfield's Dynamic Groups

Robin Clayfield is a Permaculture and Social Permaculture Pioneer and international educator, group facilitator and author specialising in creative, interactive facilitation, teacher training and group leadership while living Permaculture, Deep Ecology and social change. Her legendary book ‘You Can Have Your Permaculture and Eat It Too’ has sold over 5000 copies. The ‘Manual for Teaching Permaculture Creatively’ (co-authored with Skye), along with her educational card games and dynamic resources support educators in over 75 countries. Dynamic Groups website.

Product discounts offered to Permaculture Australia members:

  • 20% off ‘You Can Have Your Permaculture and Eat It Too’ book
  • 10% off ‘Manual for Teaching Permaculture Creatively’
  • 10% off ‘Creative Community Governance and Decision Making Resource Kit’
  • 5 % off ‘The New Permaculture Principles Card Game’
  • 5 % off ‘Creative Process Wild Cards’
  • 20% off USB of Book, Manual, CD, Kits and Resources
  • 10% off ‘Seeds for Change’ CD (7 Guided Visualisations set to music)
  • 10% off upcoming book series ‘Dynamic Teaching and Facilitation’.


Earth Mumma - Nature Kids Club

We provide all the online resources you need to ‘print and play’ with ‘how to’ videos, monthly members prizes and an active online community. Join us to learn how to be earth carers & easily facilitate nature play for kids! Earth Mumma is offering members a 20% discount for the online Nature Kids Permaculture Program.

You can access a free ebook (valued at $12) with 52 Nature-inspired Activities to enjoy now.


Products - Regional

Candlelight Farm Permaculture - WA

Candlelight Farm Permaculture is committed to making living sustainably easy and affordable. We are planning consultants and environmental scientists who design, and are able to construct, sustainable Eco and permaculture systems for domestics and commercial clients throughout Perth and surrounding areas.


Members are offered 10% discount on all books and DVDs and includes free postage to anywhere in Aus. (Postage typically $10/book.)


Merri Bee Organic Farm - WA

The owners of Merri Bee Organic Farm love living in a 33 year old permaculture property. There couldn’t be a healthier, happier way to live ….tasting wonderful new things you planted decades ago and just found producing, watching your animals thriving and multiplying, noticing the soil improving and food forest expanding, new birds and even Monarch butterflies fluttering everywhere. We enjoy sharing our place during farm tours and during workshops on compost and compost tea. We attend weekly farmers market in Margaret River and Perth, and will soon open an eco camping ground and health retreat. Always have cell grazed organic meat available plus compost grown fruit and nuts.

Permaculture Australia members buying sides of marvelous organically raised Merri Bee pork or lamb, quarters of beef and chickenscan receive a 10% discounton their investment in planetary and personal health. Merri Bee Organic Farm is on google maps and is located in Nannup, W.A.

Northey Street City Farm - QLD

Northey Street City Farm is on the banks of Breakfast Creek in Windsor, Brisbane. The Farm’s plantings and demonstration gardens showcase permaculture in a subtropical urban setting. The Farm offers permaculture and other courses and workshops to adults and children. We run an Organic Farmers Market every Sunday and a retail nursery, City Farm Nursery.

City Farm Nursery is offering a 10% discount on all purchases to Permaculture Australia members.

City Farm Nursery stocks a wide range of seasonal organic seedlings, herbs, permaculture plants, aquatic plants, non-hybrid seeds, bush foods and fruit trees, and container gardens. Try our special worm juice fertiliser products, organic compost and potting mixes. We offer high quality plants that are chemical free where possible, from local suppliers and suited to the Brisbane climate. We offer expert advice to our customers and information and inspiration to start your own home garden. City Farm Nursery will help you grow wholesome and tasty food at home and support you each step of the way.

CITY FARM NURSERY OPENING HOURS: Tuesday to Saturday: 8.30am to 12.30pm & Sunday: 6.30am to 12.30pm   Ph:  07 3857 8774   Email:

Courses and Services - Online

Permaculture Living with Milkwood

Join the Milkwood crew and David Holmgren, co-originator of permaculture, to kickstart your permaculture life. Milkwood is offering members a 10% discount on their online 12-week Permaculture Living Course, offered throughout 2021.


Mushroom Cultivation course with Milkwood

Ready to learn sustainable, low-cost skills for cultivating mountains of mushrooms to eat and share, all while learning from home?

Our Home Mushroom Cultivation course is designed especially for folks like you – who want to grow fungi for food and fun, and get it right the first time, supported live by a crew of experts.

Sound good? Jump on the waitlist and we’ll let you know first, so you don’t miss out – we can’t wait to get you growing! 


Permaculture Education Institute

Receive a 10% discount on the registration fee for the Permaculture Educators Program, which comprises a Permaculture Design Certificate plus Permaculture Teacher Certificate.

Permaculture Visions

Pioneers of online permaculture training and mentorship. Serving the world continuously since 1993. Permaculture Visions have tutored participants from more than 65 countries.

Through Permaculture education we can all create a better world – cleaner water and air, fresher food, rich wild-life habitat, healthy hearts and empowered  communities. With support from we have offered personally mentored, affordable courses in Permaculture. PA members receive 10% off online courses

Geoff Lawton Permaculture Online

Geoff Lawton is a world renowned permaculture consultant, designer and teacher. He first took his Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course in 1983 with Bill Mollison, widely considered the “father of permaculture.” Geoff has undertaken thousands of jobs teaching, consulting, designing, administering and implementing, in 6 continents and over 50 countries around the world. Clients have included private individuals, groups, communities, governments, aid organizations, non-government organisations and multinational companies.

He has currently educated over 15,000 students in Permaculture worldwide. These include graduates of the Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course and courses focused on the practical design of sustainable soil, water, plant, animal, energy, structures, legal and economic systems.

The 2021 Online PDC is $1247 USD for Permaculture Australia members, which is a $250USD discount. To access this PA members only discount of $250USD.

Organic Motion

Organic Motion is committed to educating and inspiring individuals, organisations and communities around the benefits and joys of edible landscaping.

Organic Motion provides education, training and edible landscapes across the globe. From intimate urban gardens to corporate and commercial visions, including: complete ‘done for you’ edible gardens, custom landscape designs and instalations, for personal private use and large-scale development projects, incorporating spectacular cutting edge landscaping designs and self-sustaining ecological communities.

PA members receive 10 % discount for the Permaculture Design Course Retreat  

WWOOF Australia

WWOOF is a worldwide movement linking volunteers with organic farmers and growers to promote cultural and educational experiences based on trust and non-monetary exchanges, helping to build a sustainable global community.

WWOOFers travel Australia-wide, volunteering on their choice of permaculture, organic and biodynamic WWOOF Host farms and small holdings. They learn real skills from expert WWOOF hosts and offset their carbon travel footprint, often making friends for life.

How Does WWOOF Work?

WWOOF is a membership program with WWOOFer volunteers and WWOOF Host members.  WWOOF Australia is offering Permaculture Australia members a special 15% discount for all WWOOF memberships when they join as a Volunteer or Host.

Courses & Services - Regional

Permacoach PDC - NSW Central Coast

7 Nov – 13 Dec 2020. Permaculture Design Certificate.
Presented by Permacoach & Eagle Ridge Farm.
72 hours over 6 weekends, 9am – 5pm, Saturday & Sunday.
Fee: $1,800
A design course with a strong focus on actual designing. Create a permaculture design for your own site or for someone else.
Hosted at Eagle Ridge Farm (20 acres) on Saturdays and the home of Permacoach (3.5 acres) on Sundays.
To book, go here:

Permaculture College - Djanbung Gardens - NSW

Permaculture College Australia at Djanbung Gardens, provides community education and professional development in permaculture and cultural regeneration. Our programs include PDCs, advanced courses, teacher training, diverse specialist and online courses, workshops, master-classes, cultural and community events, private and group tours, open days.

PCA founder, Robyn Francis, a renowned permaculture pioneer, educator, designer, author, has taught over 150 PDCs plus hundreds of specialist courses around the world. She works with the PCA team of experienced local and visiting permaculture teachers and practitioners to facilitate exceptional courses and learning experiences in an inspiring environment.

Djanbung Gardens, established 1994, is a purposed designed living learn-scape where the concepts taught are practiced. We welcome students, interns and visitors from around the world. Located in the lush subtropics of Nimbin Valley in Northern NSW, a short walk from Nimbin village and just an hour from the Gold Coast and Byron Bay.

Members are offered a 10% discount on all courses

Byron Region Community College - Byron Bay NSW

Byron Region Community College is a not for profit community organisation with a vision to engage people through inspiring learning experiences. The beauty, diversity and fragility of the amazing local natural environment has been the inspiration behind the college’s commitment to socially and environmentally responsible practice. Our Mission is to embrace and facilitate community resilience and personal growth through learning by acknowledging the natural current advantages of our place, our time, our people and our choices.

We offer nationally recognised qualifications, short courses and workshops across a broad range of subjects including Permaculture, Horticulture, Sustainable Living, Language, Music, Dance, Business, Visual Arts, and Wellbeing.

The college is offering Permaculture Australia members a 10% discount off the full price of any of our general courses.

Brogo Permaculture Gardens - Bega NSW

Brogo Permaculture Gardens has some of the best permaculture courses in NSW including Permaculture Design Courses and Introduction to Permaculture courses. Our courses are all face to face and our PDC is 13 days of immersive learning. 

There are also a number of  Open Days each year where John walks you around the property and  explains the placement of various elements and the benefits of these.

PDC, Introduction Courses and Open Day dates can be found at our website Permaculture Australia members are eligible for a 5% discount on all of our courses and Open Days.  

Please note this discount does not apply to accommodation options. 

Kimbriki EcoHouse & Garden - Sydney NSW

Permaculture  Australia members are offered a $5 discount on all courses.

Kimbriki EcoHouse & Garden is set within the Kimbriki Northern Beaches Council Resource Recovery Centre on Sydney’s northern beaches.

It is a unique education centre dedicated to exploring all aspects of living in a more ecological/sustainable way. We run workshops and excursions for adult and school groups.

A significant part of our focus is to reduce food waste in landfill by promoting and teaching composting and organic gardening.

PA Members are offered a $5 discount on all courses.

Edible Forest Gardens and Nursery - Wonga Park VIC

Edible Forest Gardens and Nursery is currently based in Wonga Park, Victoria; they are a boutique nursery that specialises in edible and beneficiary plants following permaculture principals throughout its business, edible landscape consultancy, advisory, design and implementation. “You can have your garden and eat it too”. No online shop yet, nursery customers who are PA members please take the promo code with you to get 15% discount. Currently their facebook page is best place to see their action.

Members are offered a 15% discount on all nursery items.


Ballarat Permaculture Guild - Ballarat VIC

Ballarat Permaculture Guild provides a focus for people in and around Ballarat who are interested in living more sustainably through implementing permaculture design principles and practices in their daily lives. We are a practical group working together to increase our skills and experience. One of our priorities is to create opportunities for other members of the community to learn about permaculture or the practical skills that go with it!


BPG is offering PA financial members the same discounts on BPG activities and products as are available to BPG financial members (10% + discount, although it varies with individual events and could be much higher!) – so if you are a PA member and happen to be in the area, see what courses are happening – all are excellent value for money!

Permaculture Research Institute - Sunshine Coast QLD

Tom Kendall is a permaculture farmer with over 40 years farming experience who regularly co-teaches Permaculture Design Certificate courses with Geoff Lawton and is part of Geoff Lawton’s Permaculture Sustainable Consulting team. He has taught Permaculture courses and consulted for NGO’s and land owners in Australia and overseas. His wife Zaia is a nutrition and wellbeing coach who inserts her knowledge of diet and food into the kitchen and kitchen garden.

In 2012 Tom and Zaia founded the not for profit organisation the Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast Inc. The PRI Sunshine Coast runs all courses, training and workshops on our Permaculture farm “Maungaraeeda” in the Noosa Hinterland which is almost fully self sufficient with most Permaculture systems created on a very low budget. To find out more visit

PRI Sunshine Coast would like to offer Permaculture Australia members $100 off the price of a PDC(Permaculture Design Certificate) course.

Noosa Forest Retreat - Noosa QLD

Noosa Forest Retreat is located on the Sunshine Coast and offers a residential permaculture course, full online permaculture design course (PDC) & FREE introduction permaculture course. Be part of the permaculture eco movement taking the world by storm and learn how to create sustainable, holistic and ecological permaculture designs for yourself, family or as a job; inspiring and helping people to live as “one with nature“.

Noosa Forest Retreat is offering a $150 discount on it’s residential PDC to Permaculture Australia members. 

Good Life Permaculture - Hobart TAS

Permaculture Australia members are offered a 5% discount on all workshops.

Good Life Permaculture do permaculture landscape design to develop urban and rural landscapes to be productive and beautiful. They also host workshops in how to live the good life – everything from beekeeping, growing food, permaculture design and making your own homebrew beer. By joining Permaculture Australia, you can receive a 5% discount on all workshops.

PA Members are offered a 5% discount on all workshops.

Robin Clayfield's Dynamic Groups - Crystal Waters QLD

Robin Clayfield is a Permaculture and Social Permaculture Pioneer and international educator, group facilitator and author specialising in creative, interactive facilitation, teacher training and group leadership while living Permaculture, Deep Ecology and social change. Her legendary book ‘You Can Have Your Permaculture and Eat It Too’ has sold over 5000 copies. The ‘Manual for Teaching Permaculture Creatively’ (co-authored with Skye), along with her educational card games and dynamic resources support educators in over 75 countries. Dynamic Groups website.

Discounts offered to Permaculture Australia members:

  • 10% off “Waged Individual’ and ‘Gov’t/Corporate’ price for 6 day ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ Creative Teachers, Facilitators and Group Leadership course
  • 5% off ‘Concession’ Price for 6 day ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ Creative Teachers, Facilitators and Group Leadership course

10% off all consultancy sessions:

  • Creative Facilitation and Dynamic Presentation
  • Group Visioning, Team Building and Development
  • Social Enterprise Establishment and Revamp
  • Session and Program Planning and Facilitation
  • Revamping Permaculture Teaching and Process
  • Resource Development
  • Self Publishing
  • Ceremony and Celebration Design and Facilitation
  • Empowerment and Confidence Building
  • Problem Solving and Conflict Transformation
  • 5% off ‘Social Permaculture’ Courses organised by Robin (possibly when co-created with other Facilitators)


Purple Pear Farm - Maitland NSW

Here at Purple Pear Farm, a productive 14 acre farm on the outskirts of Maitland, our life revolves around food – growing, selling, preparing, preserving and eating it. We run a sustainable farm and aim to show how permaculture, biodynamics and organic principles work equally well on apartment balconies, in backyards and on working farms like our own. Come and have a look at our affordable courses and soon you too, will be harvesting fresh vegetables, making yogurt and cheese in your kitchen and recycling scraps into your fresh, sweet smelling compost heap.

10% discount on all workshopsfor Permaculture Australia members.