Permaculture Principles

Permaculture Principles

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An educational website that offers an outline of the permaculture concept using the ethics, design principles and permaculture flower.

The site also makes available a large selection of permaculture related books and resources, supporting independent publishers and self-published authors.

The original concepts outlined were developed by permaculture co-originator David Holmgren and were first published in the Essence of Permaculture in 2002, the precursor to his full length book Permaculture: Principles & Pathways Beyond Sustainability published later that same year. The icons used in the book, and featured in this website, were a collaborative design effort by David and graphic artist Richard Telford.

A collection of images used to illustrate examples of the principles have featured in previous Permaculture Calendars, with contributors the world over. Songs for each of the principles have been made available thanks to Charlie McGee – from the album Permaculture: A Rhymer’s Manual.

Optimise Learning

Optimise Learning

Postmans Ridge, Queensland & Online |

Are you a Permaculture teacher or facilitator?
Do you deliver workshops or courses?
Are you keen to learn innovative ways to engage and inspire others?
Do you want to add a professional edge to your work and be recognised as one of the best in your field?
Are you motivated by ongoing learning?

If so, perhaps I can help!

Through my deep interest in permaculture-inspired self-reliance and resilience, I offer professional consultancy, support and mentoring to facilitators as you design and deliver innovative, engaging workshops and courses.

Learning is my life! Since childhood I’ve had an insatiable appetite and need to learn, and my life passion has been teaching and nurturing others to learn and grow. Above all, I aspire to live my very best life and to empower others to discover their unique gifts and potential. So, every day that I learn or experience something new is a great day!

My career as an educator spans more than 35 years in teaching, special education, university lecturing, workshop facilitation, corporate learning and development, consultancy, coaching and mentoring. I’ve also completed three Permaculture Design Certificates, Permaculture Teaching Training, RetroSuburbia Facilitation and many related workshops, courses and accreditations. See my LinkedIn profile to read about my experience and qualifications.

My professional services to support you include:

    • one on one consultancy to assist with the design and delivery of workshops and courses (with a special focus on Permaculture, Productive Edible Gardens, Self-Reliance and Resilience)
    • curriculum planning, scope and sequence development, and innovative workshop design
    • graphic design, cohesive visual identity and branding, and creation of beautiful PowerPoint templates with master slides
    • individual mentoring and coaching.

Please contact me for personalised, professional, one-on-one support. It’s my great privilege to nurture and celebrate the unique and limitless potential of all learners.