Ready to Adapt – Permaculture Inspired Resilience

Ready to Adapt – We are here to help and provide resources and practical information to help you prepare for and build resilience in the face of this ever-changing world. Simple, practical and actionable steps that we all can take to enhance the safety, harmony, and stability of our families, friends, and communities. Learn how you can take control over your resources and plan for a happy, healthy life no matter what comes to us. We are here to help you design the life you want to live – by learning the skills you’ve always wanted to have.

Living Sustainably and Restoring Natures Balance is what Ready to Adapt is all about. Our journey includes Permaculture, Regenerative Agriculture and Sustainability. We welcome everyone on this journey and hope you find some value in the resources and tips contained within this site. Everything from Growing your own Vegetables, Preserving the Harvest to Climate Action and so much more.

Services offered: Permaculture Design, Permaculture Communication, Permaculture Community, Permaculture Farm, Courses, Tours, Workshops, Permaculture Garden, Natural Building, Other services