Permaculture at your place

Central Coast, NSW



Permacoach is based on the NSW Central Coast. We have permaculture coaches available locally, and in the Hunter, Sydney and Blue Mountains areas. We also offer courses from our base in Matcham NSW including an introduction to permaculture and a permaculture design course. Most of our courses are offered under our ‘permashare’ model, where students exchange work in our garden for their learning. This makes permaculture available to those that cannot afford a paid course. We also offer paid courses from time to time, subject to demand.

Our Permacoaches provide one-on-one permaculture coaching to people in their own gardens and on their own small farms. Our coaches can teach you everything you want to know about permaculture at your own pace. They will help you to create your own permaculture systems by working along side you and helping you to develop a deep understanding of the ethics, principles, strategies and techniques of permaculture.
We started our business to fill these gaps:

  • People who prefer not to attend paid courses but to learn hands on in their own garden
  • People who want to spread their permaculture learning over time to make it more affordable
  • People who have a completed permaculture design but don’t know where to start with implementation
  • People with lots of permaculture knowledge that just need a bit of advice and support
  • People with little or no permaculture knowledge that want to start small and slow
  • People that want to see results on the ground as soon as possible

All of our coaches have an Advanced Permaculture Design Certificate and experience in implementing permaculture systems on their own properties as well as the passion and expertise to help others. We can give you occasional support or coach you on a regular basis.

We’re available to help you apply the permaculture design model to any kind of design task, including creating a forest garden, minimising waste in your home or business, redesigning your zone 0 (home) systems and using the permaculture design model as a business planning or personal development tool.

Our coaches have a broad range of expertise and can provide your group with demonstrations and short courses in many permaculture-related skills. We also have a coach that specialises in applying the ethics and principles of permaculture to bush regeneration.

Please take a look at our web site and give us a call to talk to us about what you’d like to achieve. We’d love to help.