Report compiled by John McKenzie, PA director, December 2014

News from the Directors

The 2014 AGM for PA was in August when new directors were elected.

Meet PA Directors:

  • Taj Scicluna (Melbourne)
  • Annaliese Hordern (Nimbin)
  • Morag Gamble (Crystal Waters)
  • Guy Stewart (Nimbin)
  • John McKenzie (Melbourne).

Departing are Drew Barr (Melbourne) and John Champagne (Bega). Drew and John both did a huge amount and are greatly missed but fortunately both are continuing in their committees, Drew on Accredited Permaculture Training (APT) and John on PermaFund, so they’re still deeply involved.

Interested in being involved with PA?

Anyone interested to be involved either at Board or on committees is welcome to contact the secretary — Taj on 0450 375 528
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PA Annual report 2013

The PA Annual Report for 2013 is available on the PA website. This is the first time a PA Annual Report has been available for public distribution and it’s another step on the journey of PA being more open and accountable.
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PA at APC12 — 9-12 March 2015 — Penguin, Tasmania

The PA Board is talking with the organisers of Australiasian Permaculture Convergence 12 (APC12) about:

  • presenting an update on PA’s journey of formation and to reference the discussions on this from the Cairns APC  in 2010
  • holding the 2015 AGM for PA at APC12.
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PermaFund – Small Grants 2014

On International Permaculture Day the Permafund Committee notified seven community organisations that their request for a Permafund $1000 grant had been approved.
This year they were all international projects:

  • a small community nursery for bamboo production in Haiti, for AEE Haiti
  • support for a community training centre for rural skills in Cambodia, for Ockenden, Cambodia
  • resourcing a farmers & NGO network, in dryland Tamil Nadu, for FRSD in Madurai, India
  • an irrigation installation at a farmers training centre, for THREAD, in Orissa India
  • a food garden for an orphanage, for Umaja Orphanage, Kenya.

Two organisations had difficulty in arranging their bank account,  a community garden program in Southern Mexico and a community gardening training program in a medical institute in Cuba. These were worthy projects and we’re still hoping they can resolve their issues and be able to receive this grant.
We would like to thank all who have donated to PermaFund in the past two years, their generosity has allowed PA to provide the small grants program and support permaculture initiiatives in some of the world’s poorest communities.  We particularly thank:

  • Richard Telford
  • David Holmgren
  • Su Dennett
  • Caroline Smith and
  • Kerry Dawborn.

Permafund review — 2-4 January 2015 Hazelbrook NSW

Invitation and call for opinions. PA is holding an open meeting to review the fund’s progress and consider activities and direction for the coming year(s).
Our last gathering was in Katoomba in 2012 where the small grants program was initiated. Since then PA has distributed $11,000 in grants to 14 community projects in Australia and around the world.

This upcoming gathering in Hazelbrook will consider the impact and effectiveness of the small grants. We will hear from grant recipients, from PA members and from people active in permaculture and community development. The event is open and people are welcome to attend or submit an opinion for consideration. It will be a time for welcoming new ideas and involving new people.
Cost for meals and accommodation is expected in the range $50-150 (Members) or $70-170 (non members) depending on venues.  Payment will be on arrival but anyone thinking they may attend please lets us know ASAP to allow arrangements with venues.

For further information and registering:
  • Jed Walker ph 0407 433 181 e:
  • Boyd Attewell ph 0417 991 499 e:
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APT training package and Agrifood Skills Australia

Agrifoods have commenced a project to include Permaculture qualifications in their Agriculture, Horticulture & Conservation (AHC) Training Package. This is the ‘scoping’ phase – describing jobs within the Permaculture sector and the associated skills and knowledge required, then mapping this to existing training packages to identify the gaps where new training components are needed. The development of the new components is expected to begin in early 2015.

To followup on APT issues contact Taj on 0450 375 528.

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