What is Permafund?

Permaculture International Public Fund (Permafund) is the tax deductible donation arm of Permaculture International Ltd.

Permafund is the charitable arm of Permaculture Australia. Its charter is to promote and support projects around the world that have a strong permaculture element.

Donations $2 and above are tax deductible in Australia.

Since 2012 Permafund has supplied supporting funds to 15 projects in developing countries and in Australia and New Zealand. Funding is provided on application. Applications are assessed on need, on their alignment with permaculture principles and ethics, and on their viability.

You or your group can support the work of Permafund. Donations over $2 are tax deductible in Australia. We also welcome all permies and all permie groups to get in touch with us


Meet Selmy, AAE (Association Amis des Enfants) supervisor and teacher for the Saturday Environmental School, Nan Riske, Haiti


How have previous grants been used?

  • supporting the Greenhand Field School in Aceh to promote training and capacity building, and developing two permaculture demonstration sites to assist with:
    • nurseries
    • home garden models
    • waste water treatments
    • solid and liquid compost making
  • contributing to the work of Permatil to assisting the publication of a permaculture manual for East Timor
  • assisting to support two delegates from India and Nepal to attend the IPC 8 in Brazil, and to participate and share information on their return home
  • assisting 12 grass roots farmers to attend a permaculture design course in Nepal which was delivered by local permaculturalists.

2012 Permafund grants recipients

Selection was based on the following criteria and general Permaculture principles:

  • food security for sustainable development
  • soil management and fertility for land conservation
  • improvement in landscape management including individual species and seed-saving
  • community development through advocacy, education and micro-enterprise
  • protection of wild areas, rare breeds and water courses from exploitation or pollution
  • mentoring support and professional development for community leaders.
Find out more about the 2012 Permafund grant recipients


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Interested in donating to the Permafund?

By donating into the Permaculture International Public Fund (Permafund), you help fund some amazing projects and help students from remote regions to attend education and convergences.

Donations $2 and above are tax deductible in Australia. Electronic funds transfer are preferred as a direct deposit.


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enabling new initiatives in design for sustainability …

  • offering you vocational education through Accredited Permaculture Training
  • putting your donations to constructive use through our PermaFund tax-deductable donation and granting initiative
  • enabling communication and collaboration between permaculture practitioners through Permaculture Australia’s social media.

By joining us you help us educate and advocate permaculture solutions.

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