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Story by Ross Mars, June 2015

APC13 – Permaculture Expo

Historically permaculture enthusiasts have organised a Convergence, with this term better defining the gathering of like-minded minds. Most other organisations offer Conferences, and in the early years, permaculture did have a Conference which was often an open day for the general public. The Convergence was seen as for only Permaculture Design Course (PDC) graduates.
To save the confusion, APC13 in Perth, 2016, will be offering a Permaculture Expo. This is the one day “conference” where guest speakers will talk about different aspects of permaculture to a largely uninitiated public. We also intend to have hands-on workshops and displays. We anticipate some information booths of appropriate businesses and static displays of interesting projects and case studies.

PDC as entry point for Convergence

The Convergence is meant for those of us who have done a Permaculture Design Course and in light of the growing number of Accredited Permaculture Training graduates we need to include those who may have done at least Cert III.
The issue has always been “how do we police the requirement of a PDC as entry to the Convergence?” Do we need to put a tick on a box on your enrolment form and/or to write the name of your PDC teacher or the year you undertook the course?
There are many arguments to accept those people who may not have done a PDC but have been involved in the permaculture movement for many years and are quite knowledgeable about permaculture principles and practices. Then there is the issue about partners or children (some adults) who have been immersed in permaculture for some time. Is there any opportunity to RPL a PDC? There are no easy answers if we endeavour to be inclusive.
We would encourage anyone who is planning to come to APC13 next year and has not undertaken a PDC, to do so as soon as they can. Perth will be offering a two week PDC just prior to the Convergence, and it may be an opportunity for some of you to be involved – either as participants or as guest presenters.


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