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by Russ Grayson

Steve Ward (left) was active in the early permaculture scene in Sydney in the 1980s.
For AASC – the Australian Association of Sustainable Communities – Steve, Russ, Fiona Campbell and others published ‘Evidently/Sustainability’, a press clipping service focusing on sustainability news. AASC was an early, national bioregional organisation.
Steve went on to publish ‘Village Voice’, a local newspaper in Bundeena/Mainanbar. He later published a newsletter for a community centre. An unorthodox thinker and innovator, Steve was characterised by an unusual sense of humour and spontaniety. He did his Permaculture Design Certificate at one of Bill Mollison’s early courses and attended the international permaculture convergence in New Zealand.
Steve is one of those early permaculture people that little is heard of today. He now lives with his family in Cronulla.

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