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Special notice to Members regarding XGM and Membership Fee Changes – 2016
Membership Fees – Background
The recent September issue of PIP magazine marks three years that PA has included a PIP subscription for all of it’s members.
PA is happy to support PIP and values the subscription as an important service to PA members and the Australian permaculture community.  An adjustment of membership fees to contribute towards the additional cost of the PIP subscriptions is long overdue.
The current membership fees have remained unchanged for well over 10 years, despite major increases in PA’s costs. In recent years PA has drawn heavily on accrued APT funds to cross subsidise organisational and membership costs, including the PIP subs. This is not sustainable.  The Membership fee increase for ordinary and associate members is $15 or $10 for auto renewals, which is substantially less than the PIP cost.
Save on Auto Renewal
Members can save $5 a year on the new membership fees by choosing the automatic renewal option. This option is convenient for you by removing the hassle of remembering to renew every year, and it reduces much of the administrative workload for PA. This will free up the team to continue to improve member services and the effectiveness of PA as a voice for the permie community.
Bulk Memberships
This is a very special price for PDC teachers offering an introductory PA ordinary (full voting) membership to their course graduates so they can connect up with the wider permaculture community. PDC graduates are given a special code to use when the join and the teacher is invoiced for the reduced membership fee.
Thus, in accordance with the constitution, the board is calling an Extraordinary General Meeting to pass a special resolution to change the membership fees.
Extraordinary General Meeting
7pm Thurs 22nd  September 
By Hot Air Conference
1. Welcome.
2. Change of membership fees – background and questions answered
3. Special Resolution in accordance with Article 7 of the constitution
That the new Membership fees to become effective as of October 1, 2016 be as follows:

  • Ordinary Members  $50
  • Associate Members $40

Bulk ordinary membership joining fee $35 (first year only)
Incorporated Membership Fees:

  • Small Not For Profits  $60
  • Large Not For Profits   $85
  • Non-member and For-Profit entities: $85

A $5 discount for automatic renewal may be extended to all categories of membership.
4. Meeting close

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