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Perth, WA |

Urban Revolution is a store in an inner city suburb in Perth with an online shop. We believe that nourishing the soil, growing food, composting, replacing plastics and choosing better materials for everyday products are all things we can do individually to have a positive global impact and change our environmental legacy.

We are passionate about educating kids at schools and provide presentations on the importance of removing organic waste from landfill, composting, and planting trees, also on solutions and ideas to enjoy an environmentally sustainable existence in an urban environment. All employees have a PDC.

Our garden products include veggie growing tools, soil inputs, kitchen scraps and pet poo composting, heirloom and open-pollinated seeds and wooden gardening tools made be local mens sheds .

Our eco products include biodegradable reusable crockery, containers and coffee cups, low impact detergents and kitchen wraps, DIY kits, personal products etc.

Local economy is important to us and we retail many local manufacturers and artisans’ products. Vic Park products include hand-blended bulk tea, reclaimed material products such as bags, cleaning cloths and unpaper towels, shampoo bars and gardening products. Beeswax wraps, lip balm and honey are from Vic Park hives.

In-store services are complementary; sitting lighter, composting, soil creation and food growing information. We also provide integrated pest management assistance, veggie growing bed positioning and plant out advise and design. We connect people with Perth permaculture designers and course providers.



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December 2, 2019