Heirloom vegetable seeds grown at our permaculture homestead in Mt Egerton, VIC. We grow our seed without the use of chemicals and follow permaculture principles and ethics. For example we use recycled local materials in our gardens as much as possible, work towards an ever increasing diversity in what we plant (and interplant – no monocultures here!) and sending our seeds using biodegradable cardboard packaging with paper tape.

In addition to our own seeds we do stock a small number of seeds grown by other Australian growers to preserve the purity of our own seed and prevent cross-pollination. We are trying to bring a higher level of transparency in seed origin and growing practices (in an industry dominated by overseas imports with no requirements for country of origin labelling) by being explicit on our website where a seed variety has been sourced from another Australian grower, only supporting Australian grown and documenting our permaculture-based growing practices and the development our homestead on the blog of our website and youtube channel. We provide and promote seed saving information as it is our driving mission to increase the resilience and sustainability of the local seed supply and the promotion of earth regenerating and community building, food growing practices.

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