We offer tailor made consultancy from walk and talk to full design and report. Our education extends from short courses and workshops, to full Permaculture Design Course (PDC) and Accredited Permaculture Training. What is “Accredited Permaculture Training”? Just another way of saying Certificate I through to Diploma of Permaculture with Certificate I and II delivered in high schools as part of the Vocational Education and Training, and then onto Certificate III, IV or Diploma of Permaculture for those mature aged students or school leavers wanting to increase their skill sets and knowledge around Permaculture design.

We have delivered workshops to community gardens (often funded through grants), shires and councils, libraries, not for profit organizations, plus local government organizations and groups. We offer one on one for early childhood education organizations and schools, primary and high schools where you may want to bring in environmental and kitchen garden education but perhaps are not quite sure where to start.

Services offered: PDC, Permaculture Education, Permaculture Design, Permaculture Communication, Permaculture Community, Courses, Consultation, Workshops, Other services


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December 15, 2020