Why the survey?

A survey to find out how many people are teaching permaculture, what they’re teaching and what people are doing with permaculture in their personal, business, employment and community life has been launched by Permaculture Australia’s Accredited Permaculture Training (APT) team.
[hr] [call_to_action title=”Please complete our survey” tag_line=”by 5:00pm Thursday 17 April 2014″ button=”Click here” link=”https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/BQG73LN” ] [hr] The survey is to gather statistics primarily for a profile of permaculture in Australia. Information gathered will also be used to assist in the transition of APT into the National Training Package. Permaculture Australia will continue to hold ownership of accredited training after this happens.

“We have always suffered from a dearth of statistical data about how many folk are teaching, what they’re teaching, what they’re doing with permaculture”, said the APT team’s Robyn Francis. “We want to identify key areas of permaculture work and application so we can develop and improve permaculture training and support services into the future”.

How will the information be used?

Ms Francis also said the APT team anticipates the data collected from the survey will support other permaculture initiatives ranging from lobbying to making grant applications. Political decision makers usually consider member or participant numbers to gain some insight into the scale and following of organisations that approach them.
“The more responses to the survey we get, the more valuable and reliable the data becomes as representative of what happening in pc in Oz” said Ms Francis.
As one of its purposes, the National Permaculture Profile will be prepared and submitted to Agrifoods, the agency working to transition APT into the National Training Package, by end of April this year.

Your participation is appreciated

If you are a permaculture educator, someone who uses permaculture professionally or otherwise in your work, a community builder, grower, local government worker or someone who makes use of permaculture in other ways, we welcome your participation in the survey.
Your participation will benefit the permaculture movement by creating a picture of where, how and by what types of organisations and individuals the design system is practiced.
[button_link url=”mailto:robyn@permaculture.com.au” target=”blank” style=”blue” title=”” class=”rightarrow” onclick=””] For enquiries email APT administrator, Robyn Francis … [/button_link] [button_link url=”http://permacultureaustralia.org.au/acredited-permaculture-training/” target=”blank” style=”blue” title=”” class=”rightarrow” onclick=””] Find out more about APT … [/button_link]  

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