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Limestone Permaculture Farm is a highly productive one acre demonstration property, designed with & operated on permaculture principles and located in the beautiful Karuah Valley NSW.
Limestone Farm showcases practical & transitioning examples of Permaculture Principles integrated into our Food Growing, Farm Management & Life Systems including:
– Holistic Permaculture Farm Design
– Resourceful use of Recycled Materials throughout our farms infrastructure.
– Intensive ‘Food Forest’ Orchard on water harvesting Swales & Terraces.
– Animal Management integrating Chickens, Ducks, Quail, Bees & Goats.
– Farmgate Produce Sales / Market Gardening / Seed Saving & Propagation.
– Native Bush Foods / European & Native Bee Keeping.
– Hands on Homesteading & farm fresh nutritious Cooking & Preserving.
– Focusing on Healthy Soils, Water Retention, Water-Wise Solutions & Natural Ecology.
– Flourishing Plant Systems via Forest layers, Plant Guilds, Intensive Stacking & Succession Planting.
– Solar, Water, Wood fired energy & much more …
So after seven & a half years of hard work, building & transforming our wonderful homestead whilst working 50hr weeks full-time off farm, in January 2018 we made the complete transition to 100% on-farm working life and haven’t looked back!


Location: 846 The Bucketts way, Stroud Road, NSW 2415