Wouldn’t it be great to have a magazine that covers all your interests in permaculture and sustainable living. And wouldn’t it be great if this magazine was beautifully designed with loads of colour photos and illustrations on 100% recycled paper.
A magazine where you can learn how to retrofit your home to make it more energy efficient, get great ideas that you can implement into your own productive food gardens, find recipes that are seasonal and use simple whole foods and read about other like-minded people who are doing inspiring things. And also find out about courses that are coming up, permaculture related businesses and relevant events.
It’s been over ten years since Australia had it’s own permaculture magazine and it has been hugely missed. Since then we have had to rely on overseas publications that in many ways aren’t relevant. We need our own magazine that is relevant to our climates, seasons, landscapes and culture.
As David Holmgren; the co-originator of permaculture says “The most powerful thing we can do to change the world is to create the world we do want rather than trying to stop the world we don’t want.” The aim of this magazine is to share stories, ideas and inspiration about how to create a world that can survive into the future; showcasing people and groups who are doing great things around the country and beyond to live more sustainably as well as offering practical advice about how to implement permaculture into your life.
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Pip magazine will be both informative and credible as well as stylish, attractive and easy to understand. In this way it is relevant and interesting to both long term permies as well as being accessible and inspiring to those that are new to permaculture or want to learn more about living in harmony with the planet.
There will be articles with practical information and tips on a variety of topics under the sections; grow, build, eat, create, nurture and connect.In the first issue there are articles by David Holmgren, Kirsten Bradley, Dan Harris Pascal and Ian Lillington to name a few. We’ll cover food forests, natural dyes, mushroom cultivation, herbal first aid, food security and local food to name a few.
Why Pip? Pip is the beginning and pip is the end. Some may see the pip as something you throw away but in permaculture we see it as the start of new life. It is the link between the end of one life cycle and the start of another.
Pip magazine will be published twice yearly to start with and will be available by subscription through the website www.pipmagazine.com.au and at some select outlets.

How the funds will be used

I have covered all costs so far from my own personal funds; design, production of website, promotional material, travel, etc.All money raised from this campaign will go directly towards the printing of the first edition of the magazine.
Any additional money raised will go towards the printing of the second edition.

Some of my other work

Prior to starting on this project I was the editor of Sustain magazine, a sustainable lifestyle magazine for south east NSW. For ten years prior to that I freelanced and worked on staff as a photographer and writer for many different publications both here and overseas.
After receiving such positive feedback to my work as editor of Sustain I realised I had found my calling. I absolutely love bringing together all the aspects that make a great magazine. The stories, ideas and images that create something inspiring and educational that thousands of people read and connect with. So when the idea was proposed to me that Australia needed its own permaculture magazine I jumped at the chance to make it a reality.
After completing a PDC several years ago I realised my part to play in the bigger picture was to use my skills as an editor, writer and photographer to start up and run a national Australian permaculture magazine.

Risk and challenges

Financial sustainability is always a challenge for a new business starting out but I am overcoming this by starting off small and simple, in true permaculture style. I am keeping my first print run small, keeping overheads low and crowdfunding for the first print run so that all profits from the this edition go directly into the printing of the next one. I am also volunteering my time until it reaches a point that the magazine can afford to pay me and other volunteer staff. We have volunteered our time to help get this project off the ground because we believe in it and want to see it come alive.

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