It’s the first new permaculture magazine in more than a decade. Pip — Australia’s new national permaculture magazine is due before the end of March.
“Since the demise of the Permaculture International Journal in 2000 we’ve had to rely on the web, local newsletters and carrier pigeons to share national news”, said Ian Lillington.
“Pip editor, Robyn Rosenfeldt, ran a successful crowdfunding appeal that raised revenue for the printing of Pip’s first edition. The permaculture community contributed generously to the beginnings of our new magazine”, said Ian.

Time to check your membership

Current Permaculture Australia members will receive this year’s two editions as part of their membership subscription, so please make sure your PA membership is up to date.

How to check your membership details

OPTION 1 – we can check

If you would like us to check your address just email us at

If you would like to join or renew your PA membership contact:

OPTION 2 – its easy if you would like to check

1. Login with username and password

Login to the website via the login panel in the sidebar. If you have forgotten your password you can click on the button to reset your password.

2. Click on Edit My Profile

Once you are logged in, click on the  ‘Edit My Profile’ link. This will then take you to your profile page where you can check your postal address.

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Click on the link ‘Edit My Profile’ to check your address

3. Edit your profile page

Once you open your ‘My Profile’ page, check your address and amend if needed to make sure that you receive a copy of Pip Australian Permaculture Magazine.

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Update your address details if needed in your ‘My Profile’ page.


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