Calling all students and teachers of permaculture at all levels. Permaculture Australia’s Education Team is working on an interactive web page using this snail graphic:

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We hope to populate the page with an inventory of all courses past and present in all the categories on the snail. To do this we will need your help to review the page as it is developed and to send us feedback and suggestions.
Some categories (such as PDC) will need to be organised by State, and probably even by venue or year, or some mechanism for identifying courses. It is a tall order but something that has been called for for many times.
For current courses, we will link to member information on the Permaculture Australia webpage only, and for past courses we will be looking for articles and other useful information.
In tandem with this initiative, and in order to identify future needs, we will be undertaking a national survey and we ask that you help us disseminate it far and wide. The more complete the responses, the more likely we are to inspire solutions and the establishment of new courses.
We look forward to developing a rich and inspiring educational mycelium with your help.
The Permaculture Australia Education Team

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