Story by the Permafund team, December 2015

Rosemary Morrow is now Permafund’s Ambassador.
The Permafund committee is stoked that Rosemary Morrow accepted our invitation to become its first ambassador at the Intenational Permaculture Convergence in London recently. Rosemary’s long permaculture career has taken many journeys from education and publication to aid and development work, across the globe.
Rosemary’s work in countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Uganda, Bosnia and Afghanistan, highlights why we felt she deserved the recognition of being our first patron.
With the festive season upon us and a time of giving to others, Permafund is putting an appeal out to the global permaculture movement to consider sending us a donation. By sharing the abundance we have achieved with others, we participate actively in our Third Ethic…..Fair Share.
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Permaculture Australia’s Permafund ambassador, Ro Morrow, speaks of the benefits of the organisation’s small funded projects.


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