…from the estate of philanthropist, Stuart Sherwin

Stuart Sherwin was a generous person who was fully committed to making the world a better place. In his professional life he was a geophysicist who had formerly worked for British Petroleum.
He was already well into retirement when he became one of the original residents of the Crystal Waters ecovillage in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. He had an amazing and extensive library of books, audio cassettes and videos about the environment, permaculture, self-reliance, health, personal development and metaphysics that he loved to share with people.
Stuart was a member of Permaculture International Ltd (now Pemaculture Australia) from the early days.

Genesis Block, Sherwin Foundation
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The Genesis Block

Stuart established the Genesis Foundation in 1991. The Foundation was a landholding philanthropic trust fund established for the purpose of “…fostering the education of the public in the principles of the sciences of permaculture, ecology and sustainable culture”.
Through the trust fund Stuart purchased a 34-hectare property in Maleny, Sunshine Coast, that later became known as ‘The Genesis Block’.
Following his passing, the trustees of his estate, The Genesis Foundation, wanted to ensure that his wishes to protect and support natural environments continued.
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In 2010 they entrusted this land to Northey Street City Farm and Barung Landcare Association to sell and then distribute the funds to a number of like-minded environmental organisations, including the Permaculture Australia.
On 12 June 2015 a donation of $15,249.89 was received by Permaculture Australia as a share of the proceeds of the sale of the piece of land.
Stuart Sherwin’s bequest to Permaculture Australia is typical the generosity of spirit that he embodied, and is greatly appreciated.

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