Networking with local permaculture groups around Australia

Networking permaculture groups and individual permaculture practitioners across Australia has been one of the roles of Permaculture Australia. Now, with Permaculture International Ltd having morphed into Permaculture Australia (PA), we’re getting serious about it.

That’s why we’re sending you this, our first PA online newsletter. Along with our website and our association with Australia’s soon-to-be new permaculture magazine, PiP, we see the PA eNews as one of the main means of enacting networking opportunities Australia-wide.

Contributing to this eNews

So, here’s the idea. PA’s web services team are to pull together PA eNews on a regular basis. The actual frequency is still up for discussion but it could be every couple of months to start.  All you need do is send us news, stories, photos and whatever you would like included leaving sufficient time to place it in the PA eNews under a proposed section ‘Local group’s news’.
Your material could be short commentary pieces that would fit the eNews format or it could be a couple of descriptive, introductory paragraphs linking to an article, photo, video or sound file on your own website. If you don’t have a website we can put it up as a blog post on the PA site. You can see that posting stuff in the PA eNews is a way to drive visitors to your website, your social media and to your organisation.
Here’s where to send your material, PA website support, Fiona Campbell:
Join us in compiling a new directory of Australia’s permaculture groups
People want to find permaculture organisations near where they live and, sometimes, further afield.
Would you let us know your group’s correct contact details if the address where this email has been received is incorrect?
You can pass that info to PA email support, Ian Lillington:

Here’s to a productive and progressive 2014…
the PA team

 In this edition…

  • Permaculture Australia news:
    • PiP Magazine
    • Life membership for David Holmgren and Sue Dennett
    • New 2013-14 Board for PA
  • Permafund news
    • Permafund micro-grants now open for 2014
    • How to donate to Permafund and support awesome permaculture projects
    • Who is on the committee?
    • Other networking news
  • Accredited Permaculture Training news
    • re-acreditation
    • the committee
    • other education news
  • PA members courses and events listing
  • PA members directory listing
  • Networking event – the Australian City Farms & Community Gardens next national gathering in Hobart, 21-23 March 2014
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