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Getting ready for APC12

Permaculture Australia will be at the Australian Permaculture Convergence in Tasmania next month and we look forward to meeting all of you who get there.
The APC events have been important forums for PA. At APC10 in Cairns in 2010 there was an overwhelming majority who voted for Permaculture needing a national voice and a structure to make this happen. It was soon after that PIL Directors agreed to adopt the identity name of Permaculture Australia to begin this process. The journey for PA from the APCs in Sydney and Cairns to Penguin has been a slow but steady one and this APC offers an opportunity to not only report on the progress made, but to engage members and delegates on its future.

Join PA’s AGM

We’re holding the AGM as part of the PA report at Penguin. The PA session is scheduled for Wednesday 11th March, starting at 1.00pm and expected to run through till 3.30-4:00pm.
If all goes well the AGM component will be 1.30-2.00 but it could shift depending on how the discussions go. At this stage we’re unsure about the options for a conference call or skype-in so anyone who cannot get there but interested to participate is encouraged to keep an eye on the PA website for updated information. Or alternatively consider a proxy with someone who will be attending. A formal notice for the AGM will be sent to PA members email in the next few days with a copy of the 2014 Annual Report.

Did you get your Pip edition 3 this week?

Again it is full of fantastic stories and it’s such a valuable new element of the Permaculture media. All PA members should have received their copy, if you didn’t then either you membership is overdue or we have your wrong address. Anyone wanting to update their mail address or email address ?
Please email us on

Electronic copy of Pip

We are considering moving to the Pip electronic version as our Pip subscription,
This has cost saving and paper reducing benefits but we realise many members love the paper version and will want to keep it as their PA member benefit. This option can be maintained with a small membership surcharge – more on this in the next PA e-news.

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