HERE’s an idea…and it comes all the way from Mudgee.
It’s an initiative of Milkwood Permaculture and Permaculture Australia and it involves a digital coupon, permaculture design courses and a new permaculture magazine.
These things recently came into creative convergence as a prototype to trial the idea of proving membership of Permaculture Australia to students completing their Permaculture Design Course. Software-based initiatives usually require a period of debugging, however we’re pleased to let you know that the coupon membership facility is working well.
When students complete their PDC, the Mudgee milkwood mavens (Milkwood is a member of Permaculture Australia) give them a code that provides access to the Permaculture Australia website, as members. That means they can then participate in the website’s social media, post their profile, post material online, learn about extending their studies into workplace training through Permaculture Australia’s Accredited Permaculture Training and join one of the teams that power Permaculture Australia. And… as members, they will receive a subscription to Australia’s new permaculture magazine, Pip, the first edition of which is currently in production.
This is no exclusive arrangement with Milkwood. They’re just the guinea pigs (which, incidentally, are on the menu in the Andes – the little furry animals, that is, not the Milkwood crew). The arrangement can be extended to any Permaculture Design Course provider to enrol their students as members of Permaculture Australia.
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