PA Professional member and educator Kerrie Anderson chatted to PA volunteer Julia, in our first video story! She chatted to Julia about teaching under lockdown and what permaculture can offer in this time of great instability.

PA Professional member Kerrie Anderson is a permaculture educator and teacher, having worked with TAFE, Councils and independently, for many years, teaching courses in permaculture and sustainable living. She is also an active member of PA Organisation member Permaculture Central Coast. You can follow updates on her work and teaching on her Synergy Permaculture Facebook page



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Kerrie in her element!

More information:

Kerrie is a professional member of Permaculture Australia, the national member based organisation in Australia, and runs Synergy Permaculture.

Permaculture Central Coast is an Organisation member of Permaculture Australia, run completely by volunteer community members who believe in education. community sharing, partnership and who have a passion for a sustainable future.

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