[styled_image w=”400″ h=”300″ lightbox=”yes” image=”http://www.permacultureaustralia.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/kat.jpg” align=”right”]Permaculture International is an organisation with massive potential to help make focus all our positive work in Australia, and we need all the help we can get, email me if you want to contribute.
Kat first arrived in Australia 10 years ago and recently became an Australian citizen. Ever enthusiastic about her Blue Mountains home ” it’s an incredible place, all the villages run across the ridgetops here, and so everything we do has a direct effect on a World Heritage Park around us. We can literally see our impact on the valleys below. We have a terrific opportunity to show that we can live sustainably  and even in a way that’s mutually beneficial with our environment. More people need to know that permaculture helps that goal become very achievable”.
Kat’s involvement in Permaculture began with an introduction to a friend had studied Permaculture with Rowe Morrow, and had a strange enticing way of talking about the world, showing there was something to learn here. Searching for a local course up popped an opportunity to study with permaculture’s intrepid farmstead heroes, Nick and Kirsten of Milkwood Permaculture followed by a classic 72 hour design course with Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton within a year. Thus began a full time quest for enjoyable sustainable living. “Permaculture came together right here in Australia, so here’s a place that’s stuffed to the gills with world class permaculture practitioners and educators, you’d be mad to live here and not to take advantage of that. I’ve learned heaps from all these great teachers, and now I’m out here making my own mistakes…”
Kat is a volunteer director with Permaculture International, volunteers at “the biggest little food co-op in Australia“, is helping set up a community farm co-op in nearby Mt Tomah, studying permaculture with Riverina Institute, community gardening and running a charity which helps give people greater access to public sector and political information. “I have gone from having one full time job having six, and I love every minute of it. All the projects I contribute to are in their own way helping us rethink and redesign the ways we live.
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