Food Sovereignty wasn’t around as a concept when Bill Mollison and David Holmgren wrote the first books on Permaculture. It was another 20 years, in the mid-1990’s when the Mexican peasant movement La Via Campesina came to prominence and presented Food Sovereignty as a way to speak about their struggles over control of food, land, water, and livelihoods.
The Permaculture concept had started earlier but with very much the same alignment of thinking about the need for communities to regain control in improving their lives and taking a holistic and environmentally aware approach. There is a strong similarity in the originating motivation for food sovereignty and Permaculture.
Permaculture Australia is pleased to announce that we are joining with the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance and the Australian City Farms and Community Gardens Network so that Permaculture groups, organisations and individuals can showcase their Permaculture projects to the public during Fair Food Week 2015 (FFW). The week is a promotion of Food Sovereignty.
Events can be as simple as a public conversation, a shared meal, film night, an open garden or open farm event, a workshop. It’s an opportunity to share your ideas and skills about food and have an event to promote localised production and healthy communities.
You will find graphics for your events and copies of the FFW logos to put up on your website on the FFW website for you to download and use.
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Fair Food Week celebrates…

Fair Food Week celebrates the 2015 International Year of Soil which aims to aims to increase awareness and understanding of the importance of soil for food security and essential ecosystem functions.
Fair Food Week opens on World Food Day, 16 October 2015. This is the UN day for attention to the first Millennium Development Goal – to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. There are an estimated 800 million people chronically hungry and undernourished in the world today.

The 2015 World Food Day theme is

Social Protection and agriculture: breaking the cycle of rural poverty

Social Protection has been chosen as the theme of this year’s World Food Day (WFD) to highlight its importance in reducing rural poverty and granting access to food or means to buy food.

Social protection can be defined as a range of solutions, often combined with each others, —such as work opportunities, provision of food, money and services— that are designed to support the vulnerable and help the poor in society move out of hunger and poverty.

To help you get acquainted with the 2015 theme, we have prepared two short briefs that you can read for background information, ideas and suggestions. Please open the links below to find the material we have prepared for you.


Find out more…

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