Morning views from the annual PA Board of Directors face to face meeting, held in Research, Victoria, home of Virginia (Chair of the Board of Directors) and Stephen.  This beautiful property is home to three households, bees, chickens, dogs, veggies and two cellars stocked with home produce and preserves. It is also now featured as a Retrosuburbia case study here:
There are definitely worst spots to have a meeting!

The vision of Permaculture Australia is a diverse, resilient and thriving world grounded in care for the earth, each other and the future of all. To achieve this, the PA Mission statement is to support, promote and advocate for permaculture ideas, solutions and strategies.
In 2020 up to the AGM the PA Board and working groups will continue to focus on the following strategic priorities:
  • Expand the membership base
  • Support and liaise between members
  • Administer and promote the Permafund
  • Support and develop permaculture education offerings and services
  • Support and encourage professional development in the permaculture community
  • Support the organisation of the Australian Permaculture Convergence (APC) in partnership with local organising committees
  • Enhance and improve financial viability through fundraising initiatives
  • Develop and maintain links with like-minded organisations
  • Advocate for permaculture solutions.
PA members with skills & enthusiasm (and time!) who are keen to be involved with any of the above we’d love to hear from you – contact

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