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Is a PDC a requirement to be part of the Pc movement?

We asked this question in PA’s December news and on the PA website, social media and email discussion list, and a lively discussion ensued with a total of 70 contributions from 21 contributors. The collected comments fill 25 pages.
The question the Board was considering was the option to simplify the PA membership and remove the requirement of having a PDC for voting rights.
The discussion went well beyond that and offered much relevant comment on PA’s wider purpose. The Board is interested to make use of the comment and will update the discussion paper.
The original discussion paper is available on the PA website along with the collected contributions to the discussion. The Board is still unresolved about the original question of membership voting rights.
Most of the contributions fell into one of the following themes:
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  • interest in seeing PA have a competent Board to make the decisions needed to see PA grow to have a substantial impact
  • discussion about the overarching position of PA in the permaculture movement in Australia, from being a peak body for permaculture groups to being part of the network with functions like Accredited Permaculture Training, Permafund and supporting national advocacy
  • support to permaculture learning, knowledge and skill-building, from PA being a professional association based on the PDC & APT to being a grassroots promoter of learning in a diversity of formats.
[/bullet_list] [button_link url=”” target=”blank” style=”blue” title=”” class=”” id=”” onclick=“”] Visit original story from PA Dec ‘14 eNews [/button_link]  

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