Discussions were deep, laughter aplenty, the fire burnt hot, warming so many

For the first time since the lock down period, permies from around the country were able to gather again, this time on Peramangk country in South Australia.

With the inspiration to recognise the movement’s roots and early beginnings a plan was hatched to create an informal community space at the Australian Permaculture Convergence 2023 in South Australia modeled on the original Chai tent at Woodford Folk festival in 1984, co-created by Robin Clayfield, Skye, Karin and Hans Erkin.

The aim was to create a comfortable space to lounge and debrief from each day’s activities. The chai tent was well received by the Mount Barker community on the Friday night Twilight market event, attended by over 600 people.

The following days during the APC saw lots of crushing of spices, turmeric and ginger. The scent of chai drifted through the beautiful site of the Waldorf School, drawing in people to enjoy a nice cuppa and have a chat.

A small team of volunteers from the East Coast, supported by a local crew, set out to raise funds for Permaculture Australia’s Permafund that supports permaculture projects around the world.

The crew created the space and cooked up lots of hot and spicy cups of chai served with local honey and lovely dark chocolate covered Medjool dates filled with macadamia butter. A special handmade pottery mug was created and crafted by a local potter in Berry NSW to raise funds for Permafund.

The feedback the organisers received from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive, and that it was a testament to the incredible energy and enthusiasm that the chai crew brought to the event.

The Cosmic Chai Tent project was able to donate $2200 to Permafund.

Crew member John Champagne of Brogo Permaculture said, “We’ve started a conversation about privilege in and around permaculture circles lately and communities coming together to raise funds for Permafund offer us all an opportunity to assist those in greatest need and manifest our Third Ethic of Fair Share.”

Fundraisers such as open gardens and community events to support Permafund’s micro grant program are a wonderful help and are very much appreciated.

All gifts, tithes and donations made by individuals and businesses to the Permafund that are over $2 are tax deductible in Australia and are warmly welcomed.  

Contributions to the Permafund can be made here.  Many thanks. 

For more information and to share fundraising ideas for Permafund please contact permafund@permacultureaustralia.org.au

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