Elders and Community Service recipients

Permaculture Service Awards — Recognition of Elders

Elders are those individuals who have made a significant contribution to the permaculture community. This is not restricted to service in Australia and/or New Zealand, and includes any overseas work and projects. However nominees must be Australian or New Zealand citizens, be at least 55 years old and/or at have achieved at least 25 years of active permaculture involvement. Nominees who are deceased can also be considered, so that their contribution can be recognised and acknowledged.

Permaculture Service Awards — Recognition of Community Service

Permaculture Community Service Awards recognise those individuals who do not meet the criteria for Elder, but have made significant contributions to the permaculture community over at least ten years. Examples of their contributions may be on-ground projects both in Australia/New Zealand and/or overseas, continual service in developing and maintaining a community garden, an educational program in a school involving permaculture teaching, garden design and maintenance of the gardens, noteworthy involvement in developing a transition initiative or similar, or outstanding involvement in community-based organisations.

APC14 Canberra 2018


Rick Coleman, Caroline Nuttall, Trish Allen, Su Dennett, Frances Michaels, Jeff Michaels, PB Foreman, Barry O’Connell, Colin Endean.

Community Service

Kathleen McCann, Lachlan McKenzie, Ronni Martin, Sheryl Hands-Wiffen and Christine Carroll.

APC13 Perth 2016


Peter Allen, Graham Brookman, Annemarie Brookman, the late Dave Coleman, Jude Fanton, Michel Fanton, Julie Firth, Phil Gall, Russ Grayson, Fiona Campbell, Max Lindegger, Robina McCurdy, Janet Millington, Rosemary Morrow, Jeff Nugent, the late Warwick Rowell, Gerald Shepperson, Judith Turley, Terry White, Bruce Zell.

Community Service

Silvia Allen, Peter Austin, Dan Deighton, Aaron Sorensen

APC12 North West Tasmania 2015


April Samson-Kelly, the late Bill Mollison, David Holmgren, David Watson, Dick Copeman, Geoff Lawton, Graeme George, Ian Lillington, John Champagne, John McKenzie, Michele Margolis, Miles Durand, Robin Clayfield, Robyn Francis, Ross Mars, Virginia Solomon, the late Vries Gravestein.