FIRST from the Permaculture Australia team, here’s our wish for a happy celebration of the festive season to you, your families, your friend and colleagues. With the new year, may you do as the man with the pointy ears in that TV show commanded: “live long and prosper”.
Christmas, New Year… however you celebrate the transition to the coming year… what an opportunity to start 2016 with the great Australian tradition of seasonal giving, our ‘fair go’ ethic that says the wellbeing of one is the wellbeing of all.
One of the principles of permaculture is to create a yield in what we do. Another is to distribute a little of our yield’s surplus to assist others meet their own needs. Doing that is what we set up Permafund for and it is through Permafund that you are invited to participate in this.
In this Permaculture Australia eNewsletter we introduce you to a couple ways of participating in Permafund.
One is through the traditional practice of tithing, and here’s two people, two permaculture educators, who are doing that.
An easy way to get started in Permafund is to think about your donation in terms that we are more familiar with — let’s call it the coffee cup solution…

You probably have your own motivation for donating to Permafund to assist the good work of people in their communities — how about telling us about them so you can share them with others?
Permafund is Permaculture Australia’s small grants funding scheme for which donations over $2 are tax deductible for Australian residents.

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