Ockenden Cambodia is an NGO based in Cambodia specialised in agroforestry, environmental mitigation, skills training, enterprise development, micro credit and community mobilisation.
Ockenden Cambodia is well known for empowering and providing capacity building to local civil society structures like local NGOs and Community Based Organisations.
The organisation received a AUD1,000 grant from Permafund in 2014.

Planting Paper Tree
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Planting Paper Tree

The funds is helping the Ockenden Cambodia extend and transfer their knowledge of Permaculture amongst team members, partner NGOs/CBOs, key farmers and for that purpose, to set up a Model Permaculture Farm and Training Centre in one of the target provinces of the country.
The funds helped support:

  • Paper trees planting (1,500 trees)
  • Up-grade latrine (to biogas)
  • Replace roof of the Permaculture training centre
  • Sitting area
  • Timbers & Roof for building compost centre
  • Purchasing Building tools for the Permaculture Farm.

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