Great News! PA Yeomans’ farm in North Richmond has been classified as a Heritage Site by the NSW Government, which means that the developers will have to jump through a few more hoops to keep the keyline amenities intact.


Video uploaded by Gary Caganov of Lysis Films on 6 Mar 2009

One of P.A. Yeomans’ original properties in North Richmond on the NW outskirts of Sydney, where in the 1940’s and 50’s he developed the ‘Keyline System’, is under threat from developers wanting to fill in the dams and over time place 2000 medium density homes on the property. They have put in a DA for a retirement village of 300 houses for a start and it had almost been passed by Richmond Council when the locals began to understand the significance of the site, question the DA and take some action.

A public meeting was organised on the 27th February 2009 in North Richmond and this video has come from that meeting and preliminary meeting with Ken Yeomans (younger son of P.A.) Prof. Stuart Hill, and Dr. Les Spencer. The video focuses on the Keyline System, however Part 2 (coming soon) will look at the remaining inadequacies of the DA, such as traffic congestion, emergency response, access issues, etc, and which doesn’t even address the environmental factors such as flooding and fires when the dams are taken away (which the Keyline System addresses in a whole system approach).

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