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Permaculture Australia Board of Directors: L-R Ian Lillington, Virginia Solomon, Dr Cally Brennan, Kym Blechynden and Wendy Marchment.
We hear lots of disheartening stories about the state of the world and the climate crisis we are facing. So we are taking a different focus. PA, as the national member association for permaculture, has a key role in informing society about the value of permaculture as a win-win solution at this critical time. It’s more important than ever to promote the actions we can take – at the local, global and regional level.
Imagine being able to reverse biodiversity loss and help mitigate climate change while improving the resilience of our food supply and increasing agricultural productivity at the same time? That’s what permaculture and related regenerative techniques can do & we’ll be sharing stories that are doing this to inspire folks to take action.
So now we need your help – to share your stories, ideas and activities that are creating positive change – so we can share them with our readers too! You can #permacultureaustralia, tag us on social media or send them to We’ll even have a few of the fabulous Permaculture Principles 2020 calendar to give away during December for some of the best responses we receive too.  So start posting and sharing now!
To get started, here are some of the answers provided by our PA Board of Directors. We asked them “why are you involved with permaculture and why do you think it is one of the solutions to the climate crisis”
Dr Cally Brennan, PA Director and Treasurer
Permaculture inspires me because it shows us how to live meaningfully and abundantly while treading more lightly on the earth. It isn’t just about sustainability but regeneration – that is, increasing biodiversity, fertility and resilience of landscapes, not just keeping things in the same (often times degraded) state that they currently in. Permaculture offers a huge range of practical tools to improve household and community resilience, increase food security, better manage water, and reduce bushfire risks. All of these are sorely needed now that the climate is changing so much faster than expected, with unprecedented fire conditions, heatwaves and drought.”
Virginia Solomon, PA Director and Chair of the Board
“Permaculture Australia has spear-headed Accredited Permaculture Training in Australia to make the skills that will be so necessary for a climate resilient community available in a structure that aligns with jobs for the future. I have been involved with this project for many years and, when I retired from the paid workforce, saw an opportunity to really work where it counts with Australia’s national permaculture organisation.” 
Ian Lillington, Director of the PA Board
“I’m involved with PA because national and international organising is important in responding to ecological challenges – including the current climate emergency.
Permaculture has been warning about the threats to our planet for many years.  Permaculture practitioners have shown that its principles – applied in any part of the world – can create regenerative systems of agriculture, liveable cities and food security, and if the global operating system was permaculture based, we’d be better placed to address the current climate emergency.
Kym Blechynden, Director of the Board
“PA advocates for permaculture as a solution, providing skills for people to make positive changes at a local, regional and global level. With the current climate emergency, I believe it’s more important than ever to have a strong national association & to work on solutions in partnership with organisations across Australia. 
As an experienced Aid worker, I’m also excited to be involved with Permafund, providing small grants for permaculture projects across Australia and internationally – small amounts of money can make a huge difference.”


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