April Sampson-kelly
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April Sampson-kelly

EDUCATOR, dancer, garden agriculturist… is it possible to teach an internet-based permaculture design course, grow your own vegetables and fruit (while keeping your chooks and ducks away from them) and to be a Flamenco dancer?
It is if you are April Sampson-Kelly, a permaculture educator who has built an international reputation not only through offering her online permaculture design course but by attending international permaculture conferences in different countries — most recently in Havana, Cuba.
April is an Australian leader in the Next Big Step program considering how permaculture can move forward as a global social movement focused on resilient living.
I’m sure it’s her Flamenco dancing — you will know it is something of an energetic activity if you have ever seen it — and her gardening that keep April fit and trim, just as her teaching keeps her mind active and creative down there on the slopes of Mt Kembla, just south of Sydney in The Illawarra.

In New Zealand

I made this image in the hill country behind New Plymouth on New Zealand’s North Island on the tours following APC (Australasian Permaculture Convergence) 10 in Turangi.
With others, we had come from the exemplary and thickly-vegetated home garden of a couple whose lives span teaching, growing food and surfing the nearby cold water, North Island, breaks not far from New Plymouth.

The image

We reached the rural property where I made this image  mid-afternoon.
Already home to a young family making their future in the hills from where you can gaze out into the distant, shimmering blue of the Pacific, the house and the land around it was still in development.
While others took life languidly, sitting around on the verandah or slothing about in the hammock, April was busy conversing with someone when I lifted my Canon DSLR, checked the lens aperture, listened for the autofocus to whir… and clicked.
Oh… yes… I should mention that April is a member of Permaculture Australia and participates in its Communciations Team.
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