Less Stuff, More Merry: Re:Design and Re-imagine your Christmas

Less Stuff, More Merry: Re:Design and Re-imagine your Christmas

How to keep the thrills of Christmas, avoid the pitfalls, and evolve new traditions you really love

In this 2 hour hands-on webinar, we re-imagine Christmas. We set things up to elevate relationships and enliven each other’s home spaces. Christmas can be festive and playful, and not one bit consumed or consuming.
This is part of Cecilia Macaulay’s Permaculture Declutter and Reset series, with a party-feel and results that stay, forever.
You’ll get to ask questions, engage in activities, and be inspired by Cecilia’s beautiful photos and ideas that work.
We will start decluttering and enchanting your space, and have a show-and-tell at the end.

What is the essence of Christmas for you, and how could you embody this?

We will explore:
Designing a space for ease, and for satisfying social interactions
– Using Zones to Declutter and Reset your gathering space to be inspiring, free of obstacles.
– How to make and protect ‘creative void’ in which surprises happen.
– How to set up self and guests so plastic and disposables are avoided, and this feels like a freely-chosen adventure, elevating us to a new way of being
– Get unstuck with Cecilia’s ‘Five S’ method: ‘Separate’, Subtract’, ‘Second-nature’ and more, based on Permaculture, and Toyota’s Zen-inspired ‘Five S’ method of creating miracles

– How to be generous yet avoid giving consumer items
– How to gracefully request and give desirable gifts, creating value, not clutter.

– Creative ways to have juicy exchanges, especially with relatives we find challenging.

Inspired by Japanese culture and Permaculture, we will be creating new ‘patterns’ and ways of being you might use every day for the rest of your life.

Katie de Araujo and Cecilia Macaulay have been creating increasingly delightful family gatherings together for almost half a century…because they are sisters! How lucky they have overlapping missions, bringing a touch of wonder to daily life.
Katie de Araujo, founder of Body Centred Living, will get you feeling in your body, what a festive, glowing space feels like. A room and a day can feel as good as a smile, a clear breath and open posture. She says “Our Festive space holds both our base chakra’s need for safety our heart’s desire for belonging as well as our highest chakra’s need for a spiritual opening.”
Cecilia brings wisdom from Japanese culture and Permaculture (nature-based design), right to where you can use it. With Cecilia on your side, you’ll be making your regular days worthy of candlelight, a gift by you to world, and with moments of admiration sprinkled though.

Member update – Goshen Watts

Goshen is a Professional Member of PA and is fully immersed in the Permaculture way of living. He lives in the suburbs in Geelong, a city in the state of Victoria, southwest of Melbourne. He gives to his local community by being the editor of the Geelong Organic Gardeners newsletter, and secretary of the local Transition Group (Transition South Barwon). Organic gardening is often a route into Permaculture… especially when Permaculturalists invite their local group to come and see their way of gardening! In the photo below, Goshen on the far right is showing the group his backyard micro-market garden:

Goshen’s property is featured in RetroSuburbia (David Holmgren’s book released in 2018) as an example of a food producing polyculture of mixed species on a small urban backyard using Permaculture Design and Principles. Read the case study online. Below, Goshen talking about the importance of nutrient cycling and fertility:
To learn more about Goshen’s Permaculture life, see his website. I met Goshen and his family in November 2018 – article by Dylan Graves

Member Update – Ostii Ananda

Ostii lives in a sharehouse in Brunswick in Melbourne, Victoria. I have been privileged to stay in a spare room for 3 days in exchange for helping in the garden. Ostii is a sharewaste host i.e. he has compost systems and accepts others’ food waste. He has around 25 people who come and drop off their waste. He decided to hold a working bee to both get a heap of work done in the garden and to teach sharewasters how to grow food. They got to see a finished compost pile made with sharewaste food scraps:
sieved compost made from sharewaste food scraps
Once sieved on an old metal ironing board with a metal mesh, the result was a beautiful soil amendment we added liberally to the weeded, forked, and wetted garden beds. We mulched and then planted vegetable seedlings purchased from Ceres:Urban-gardenIn one bed we added dripper pipe on top of the mulch to help ensure adequate moisture through the hot summer:
We had a lovely shared meal afterwards to cement new friendships. It’s great to see this sharewaste concept forging new community.
Ostii has been into the Permaculture way of living for about 10 years and applies this to his own business. His passion is “Web and digital strategy mentoring for health, earth, and heart focussed entrepreneurs and enterprise.” He has been working with David Holmgren for the past 3 years or so. Check out his website for more info; https://www.flowji.com/ Ostii works mostly from home where he regularly dashes out into the garden for screen breaks.

Post by Dylan Graves