Permaculture Demonstrator Skill Set (AHCSS000048)

Permaculture Demonstrator Skill Set (AHCSS000048)

Permaculture Demonstrator Skill Set (AHCSS000048)

This Nationally Accredited 4 unit Skill Set equips learners with the basic knowledge and practice of permaculture principles, how to select and maintain permaculture plant and animal systems, and ultimately how to research, communicate and demonstrate permaculture practices to learners. This skill set was designed to teach you how to understand and teach about permaculture. It is perfect for teachers in schools, community educators, people with passion for permaculture or who want to build their confidence and practice in sharing knowledge with others.

The course gives you a 4 unit credit in Cert III in Permaculture and qualifies you to teach Cert I and II Permaculture levels in combination with a Cert IV Training and Assessment. The course runs over 14 sessions online and face to face at CERES.

4 units of competency.

AHCPER301 Research and communicate information on permaculture principles and practices

AHCPER303 Maintain integrated plant and animal systems

AHCPER316 Select plant and animal species in a permaculture system

AHCPER321 Demonstrate permaculture practices to small groups of learners

Please read the course information at the CERES link for further details, fees and how to apply

Application/Enrolment Process

Those wishing to apply are asked to contact Karen Mengell, VET Co-ordinator on 9389 0127 or via email at for further information and discussion of individual needs prior to enrolment. CERES welcomes applications from those with disabilities. More information here

Registered Training Organisation

CERES is the registered training organisation offering this training – RTO no 3686. CERES is registered as an RTO with the VRQA and as such is only able to enrol domestic students in Victoria.

Image credit: Anja Williams, CERES PDC

What's up in Permaculture Victoria?

What’s in a name?

The change of name from Permaculture Melbourne to Permaculture Victoria some 18 months ago seemed simple enough, and far better represented the spread of members further out than Melbourne. What was not anticipated was the effect this would have on membership and activities within the association. We now have members right across the state and pushing, and perhaps even over stepping, the limits of the state boundaries. With that comes new local groups in Donald, Geelong, and South West Victoria, with more groups imminent as the enthusiasm for Permaculture continues to grow.
The Facebook Group has also exceded expectations, blitzing the old Permaculture Melbourne group of some 300+ members, to reach a membership of over 2000, and heading towards 3000.
As part of the growth, we have exhibited at three expos/festivals so far this year:-
Seymour Alternate Farming Expo (SAFE) – a change from our normal promotional activities these last few years. SAFE was very successful as a first showing and expectations are that it can only get better as we fine tune for a more rural demographic.
We also attended (f)route, a niche festival in Bairnsdale, which was arguably more successful than Seymour with new members and loads of interested in the East Gippsland region.
The Caulfield Sustainability Festival was an in-house festival, organised through the South East Suburbs local group, by group convener Miriam Baxt. With speakers Bruce Pasco talking about Aboriginal Agriculture, and Vasili Maresi talking and answering questions about growing your own food, the attendees were kept well occupied and informed. And despite being a cold and miserable Mother’s Day, the attendance was gratifying and constant. Congrats to Miriam!
So, all in all, Permaculture Victoria is going from strength to strength, with many interesting plans for the future – but that is a story for another day.
Warwick Bone
Permaculture Victoria

Permaculture Melbourne becomes Permaculture Victoria

Message from Warrick Bone, President of Permaculture Victoria

Many of you would have heard of Permaculture Melbourne, the member based association of people practicing Permaculture across the state of Victoria. Well now we are called Permaculture Victoria, which better represents the spread of membership across the state.
The association had it’s beginnings in 1981 as Permaculture Melbourne (PcM) as the result of a lounge room meeting between a small number of people enthusiastic about Permaculture. PcM grew over the years in both members and community participation. Incorporation in 1990 lead to a resurgence and broadening of activities to include education, overseas aid, heritage orchard management and other community based involvement.
The membership is organised into geographically based Local Groups across Victoria ranging from West Gippsland in the east, through the Dandenongs, most suburbs in and around Melbourne, Ballarat, the Otweys, and Donald to the north west of the state. There are also three Special Interest Groups; Perm-Apiculture (Natural Beekeeping), the Plant Group and the Victorian Educators Group.
See for a complete list.
The local groups are very active within their communities and run various activities such as permablitzs, workshops, member site visits, excursions, social gatherings and the likes. The association also organises participation at appropriate festivals and exhibitions, conferences and gatherings, and looks to support members in permaculture promotion and education.
In recognition of the spread and depth of membership across the state, the decision was made in 2013 to change name to Permaculture Victoria (PcV) – a simple enough change, but one that triggered a great deal of grass root level interest in forming new local groups. This also instigated an increase of enthusiasm amongst members with plans and activities underway build the association to include all interested Permies across the state.
Warwick Bone
President – Permaculture Victoria