A PDC in an Ashram

Story by Ian Lillington (co-teacher), 18 February 2015

We are just completing the second Permaculture Design Course at Rocklyn in Central Victoria.  The residential course combined the quiet and beautiful forest environment with 100 hours of permaculture study and yoga and other regular activities of the Ashram.
With teaching from David Holmgren, Su Dennett and other leading practitioners, this PDC attracted students from every continent, to hear the latest on how to design for a sustainable lifestyle. *
The Satyananda Ashram, near Ballarat has landscapes and buildings that demonstrate key components of permaculture design, including fruit and vegetable growing, water/dam irrigation systems, design for fire-prone strategies, and passive solar building design.  The ashram is seeking to operate on a sustainable basis and part of the learning of the course took place in the gardens and grounds of the ashram.
This has proven to be an unusual yet special blend of permaculture and yoga.  The yoga component is not compulsory, but around two-thirds of students took part in the simple gentle yoga practice before breakfast, before lunch and joined with ashram ceremonies that take place in the early evening.
These students consistently say that being part of both has helped them to assimilate the permaculture information learned throughout the day.  The quality of their design work is excellent and the friendships and calm approach that have developed is a joy to be part of.
*  A copy of the program and tutors is available from angela_enbom@yahoo.com

The 2014 crew...

The 2014 crew…

Walking with David Holmgren

Walking with David Holmgren

Ashram PDC feb 2015

The 2015 crew …. Thanks for the opportunity to host the PDC course at the Ashram. Myself and the residents at the ashram gain a lot from the mixture of people and the blend of two forms of living more consciously. … Swami Atmamuktananda, Director of Rocklyn Ashram