Students of Sustainability Conference in July 2015

From 7-12 July 2015 the Students of Sustainability, ideas, arts and action Festival will be happening at Flinders University in Adelaide. Students of Sustainability (SoS) is the largest and longest running environmental & social justice conference in Australia and brings together environmentalists, social justice advocates and activists from all over the country to share ideas and action. Beginning in Canberra in 1991, SOS is now the premier event on the calendar of the Australian Student Environment Network (ASEN).
The theme of this years SoS is Nourishing our roots and will have a focus on community and grass-roots activism as well as a strong focus on permaculture, community gardening and sustainable building.
The facilities at Flinders University offer a great opportunity to explore Permaculture during SoS. For over ten years the Flinders Community Permaculture Garden has been operating on campus and is one of the largest student run community gardens at an Australian university. Its the perfect place for participants to get hands on experience in practical permaculture skills as the garden offers established fruit trees, garden beds, compost heap and a worm farm. The garden is also a great place to relax and escape the busy conference.

Students of Sustainability Conference 2015
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Students of Sustainability Conference 2015

Exciting workshops and discussions planned

So far a variety of permaculture related workshops are planned for the conference on subjects including, permaculture 101, composting, seed swapping, upcycling, tiny houses, local produce and the gift economy.
During the conference, garden club president Kegan Daly will be running hands on workshops at the gardens gazebo site, (which will include learning techniques around earthships, straw bale and earthbag construction) and lead discussions around how to go about developing off-grid projects based upon ecological principles and materials.
SoS strives to offer a comprehensive conference that is affordable and accessible to as many participants as possible in a format that offers do-it-yourself solutions to many of the problems our communities and planet is facing.

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