Report by John Champagne, 18 August 2014

Hi everyone,
Just wanting to share our pleasure in the convergence we had here in Bega over the weekend. 100 good folk registered and participated in choosing between 36 different workshops on the Saturday. They came from Wollongong, Canberra, Bairnsdale….and all places in between with a number droving over from Melbourne and central Victoria……nice to see them.
Beautiful local dinner follow by PA Board member John McKenzie putting a call out for local and regional groups to begin communications with PA and support the national initiative. Then Prof Stuart Hill entertained the diners in his usual brilliant style with a great little talk titled – ‘Permaculture 2 ‘ Where to next ?
To finish the night we showed the film ‘The Chikukwa Project‘, the good news permaculture story out of Zimbabwe.
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Sunday began by honoring and congratulating a remarkable local, Robyn Rosenfeldt… founder and editor of our new flagship… Pip magazine. And isn’t the 2nd edition looking so good !!
Stuart Hill then led us through a process of steps to take in realising individuals BIG DREAMS by telling BIG LIES. Fascinating exercise that had everyone actively engaged and as to its impact, only time can tell.
Thanks to SCPA – South East Producers whose permie members formed a great team called Permacon and put this event on:

  • Julie Davies
  • Kathleen McCannk
  • Nicky Harris
  • Chris Aitkins
  • Robyn Rosenfeldt
  • Ben Buggy and
  • myself.

Thanks also to Damon Davies for the audio set up and musical interludes and Massi and Sundi for catering and providing such delicious food.
It looks like this event may head to Canberra in 2 years and continue the tradition of networking and sharing bioregional resources throughout the South East region.

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