Vocational courses in permaculture became part of the national training system at the end of 2015. This includes the Certificate I-IV and Diploma of Permaculture.

All VET courses are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that they meet industry need. The Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation & Land Management Training Package (where VET Permaculture lives) has been being reviewed over the last couple of years in order of “industry sector” – in other words similar subject areas are reviewed as a group, rather than by qualification level or any other measure. Permaculture is in Group Three (along with Organic Agriculture and Composting) which is the final group for review.

The Subject Matter Expert Committee, including several PA members, met on October 11th to do a Workplace Functional Analysis – that is analyse what and where the jobs in permaculture are. This is also to commence the review of the Permaculture coded units, and the five qualifications and a Skill Set in Permaculture.

At every stage your views are encouraged and community consultation is actively sought. The Permaculture Project website is open now. 

It would be great to have participation throughout the process from as many permaculture practitioners as possible.

We look forward to an outcome from the process that will take the mainstreaming of permaculture to the next level.

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