Triquetra Visions Pty Ltd

Triquetra Visions Pty Ltd

Triquetra Visions Pty Ltd has encompasses three separate businesses, Trefoil Care Services, Beckinslea Enterprises, and Triquetra Training Services. Whilst each of these businesses have separate products and services, each of them can be linked to each other by the company’s vision, mission, and core values. The symbol of the trefoil knot is also known from ancient times as triquetra and this theme is found throughout the businesses:

  1. Trefoil Care Services through its delivering timely, accessible, integrated and quality services and care throughout the life-cycle;
  2. Beckinslea Enterprises, founded upon permaculture design which includes the ethics of earth care, people care, and fair share. BE will provide a comfortable yield from its earth care activities, practical experience in rural enterprises for people of all abilities whilst they study to improve their potential and have the potential to be support by TCS services should they require extra assistance. The Trefoil Knot links each of these together and symbolises their inter-dependence on each other; and
  3. Triquetra Training Services connecting relevant and meaningful training with industry need, to create a highly skilled, diverse, and flexible workforce that can respond to the social and economic development requirements of Rural Victoria’s diverse regions and the communities that they support.
Abdallah House

Abdallah House

Seymour, Victoria |

The Abdallah House project tranformed an old energy guzzling bungalow into a showcase of sustainable design. It began in May 2008 with the purchase of this three roomed bungalow with bathroom / laundry tacked onto the side on a 584 sq metre (1/8 acre) block. The bungalow was carefully deconstructed and used, along with other recycles and new materials, to build a home that showcases low energy and passive systems that each apply some, if not all of the permaculture design principles.

Regular blog posts are kept to highlight at least one of the 12 principles and keep readers up to date on what is happening on site. Some of the milestones of the project include:

    • The felling, milling, drying and using of all parts of the massive Red Gum that was on site
    • The owner building of the new home within the budget of AUS $100,000
    • Moving into the home within one year of the start date
    • Water collected on site for irrigation and domestic use with mains water as a back-up
    • Approximately one 45kg gas bottle used per year, only for cooking
    • Our 1.5kW Solar PV system to supplies more than enough power for household needs
    • Electricity use averaging 2-3kWh per day, around 1/5th of a typical household
    • Only one rubbish (120lt) and one recycle bin (240lt) used during 2011, the ‘binimum’ challenge
    • Cycling of all compositble materials generated on site
    • Cellar and cool cupboard integrated into the house design
    • Growing a diverse range of fresh fruit and vegetables to supplement our diet.
Permaculture Principles

Permaculture Principles

Online & Seymour, Victoria |

An educational website that offers an outline of the permaculture concept using the ethics, design principles and permaculture flower.

The site also makes available a large selection of permaculture related books and resources, supporting independent publishers and self-published authors.

The original concepts outlined were developed by permaculture co-originator David Holmgren and were first published in the Essence of Permaculture in 2002, the precursor to his full length book Permaculture: Principles & Pathways Beyond Sustainability published later that same year. The icons used in the book, and featured in this website, were a collaborative design effort by David and graphic artist Richard Telford.

A collection of images used to illustrate examples of the principles have featured in previous Permaculture Calendars, with contributors the world over. Songs for each of the principles have been made available thanks to Charlie McGee – from the album Permaculture: A Rhymer’s Manual.

Watts Permaculture

Watts Permaculture

Geelong, Victoria |

‘Watts Permaculture’ is a 1/4 acre urban permaculture garden based in Geelong.

We aim to be a producer of food and fertility via bio-intensive urban farming, and we supply seasonal veg boxes to local neighbours and a local cafe.

We also save seeds, propagate plants, make our own compost, and experiment with many permaculture techniques incl Deep Litter System; Pond/swales; Rocket Stoves; Espalier; Worm Farm; Biochar and much more…

We can also offer our services for permaculture design and consultation.
We prefer to operate locally (Geelong Vic), adhering to permaculture ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share.