Making it Real!

Laidley, Queensland |

We provide professional services and expertise in the field of sustainability and environmental design, permaculture education and training. We focus on practical, achievable projects to improve community resilience, increase food security and educate communities.

We look at making it real through education, design and consultations – Build resilient, regenerative and abundant life skills

Educate – Through our programs, our aim is to create a diverse, interactive, hands on and exciting learning environment based on dynamic processes and activities, immersing participants in their own permaculture journey.
We have a philosophy at Savour Soil of ‘Making it real’.

Design & Consult – Did you know we also do Land Design? Using our unique approach, adapted over time we will
Using the Ethics and Design Principles as a guide to creating your resilient, regenerative and abundant landscape
discover you’re’why’ & discuss the different aspects you hope to achieve and what you’re able to bring to the design
explore & discover the characteristics, history of and plans for the property
closely work with you to facilitate the design process so that we can create something that is unique to your context
regenerate your soils and maximize your water potential
discover what will grow well and suit your preferences & lifestyle
identify waste streams that can bring added potential and value to your design


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December 2, 2019