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Does your house get too hot in summer and too cold in winter? Are your bills too high? Are you buying a home, selling a home or renovating?

The Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard Assessment (VRES) can help you.

What is the VRES?
The Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard is an Australian-first home energy rating program, developed by the Victorian Government. It will give your home a star rating that you can use to compare it to others.

Many Victorian homes have high energy bills simply due to the way the home is built. The Scorecard helps you understand and improve this performance, so you can make better decisions to make your home more comfortable in both summer and winter, and reduce your energy use.

Our assessor rates the energy efficiency of your home’s construction (including insulation, draughts, windows, shading, zoning), fixed appliances (heating, cooling & hot water), and other key features such as solar PV energy production.

Our assessor holds a Cert IV in Home Sustainability Assessing and is independently accredited to use the government-supported Scorecard webtool.

Our assessor is completely independent. Their suggestions are based purely on your home and what they think the most effective and efficient options are for you.



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December 2, 2019