Donating to Permafund is easy

Permaculture design provides an approach through which communities can help themselves to provide for their own needs.

A donation to Permaculture International Public Fund (Permafund)is a means of enacting permaculture's third ethic of share what's spare.

Donations to Permafund go to communities in Australia and overseas that are building their resilience to the impact of potentially damaging economic, political and social change.

Permafund grants support sustainable community development, food security and food sovereignty, educational, economic, advocacy, community health, nature and resource management works.

Donations of $2 and above are tax deductible in Australia.

How to make a donation via Paypal...

Step 1: Choose the amount you wish to donate either in the sidebar or below. Then click on the 'I'm In' button.

Step 2: To pay via paypal, a pop-up screen will be revealed.

Step 3: Then, complete your personal information and billing details.

Step 4: Click on the final button — 'I'm In' and you are all done. Thanks for your generosity and implementing the third ethic of Permaculture —  'Sharing What's Spare'.

PERMACULTURE INTERNATIONAL LTD trades as Permaculture Australia. When you donate to the Permafund via Paypal you will be directed to Permaculture International Ltd's Paypal account.

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