2012: Permafund grant recipients

PERMAFUND, is pleased to announce the grant recipients for 2012.

Selection was based on the following criteria and general Permaculture principles:

  • food security for sustainable development
  • soil management and fertility for land conservation
  • improvement in landscape management including individual species and seed-saving
  • community development through advocacy, education and micro-enterprise
  • protection of wild areas, rare breeds and water courses from exploitation or pollution
  • mentoring support and professional development for community leaders.

Here are some of the 2012 projects in action

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Projects and groups which have received funding for 2012:

  • AAE Australia for La Gonave, La Gonave Is, Haiti
    $ 1000 — land restoration, erosion prevention and landholder training. Vetiver grass propagation & distribution. Read more ...
  • Field Farmers Association, Sumatra, Indonesia
    $ 500 — support for a 'train-the-trainer course for leader farmers and volunteer extension workers for a Sumatran farmer’s association. Read more ...
  • Earthcare Education Aotearoa Charitable Trust, New Zealand
    $ 500 — production of a facilitator’s manual on community based NRM, food security & resilience
  • PRI-Kenya, Kenya
    $ 1000 — community based training & earthworks, farm planning & improved production. Read more...
  • Mullumbimby Community Garden, Mullumbimby NSW
    $ 500 — fruit tree purchase for an urban food forest at a community garden.
  • Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network, Randwick NSW
    $ 500 — assisting with costs for the 2012 ACFCGN National Gathering. Read more...
  • Birallee Pk Community Centre, Wodonga, VIC
    $ 500 — food growing workshops through a Neighbourhood House
  • Society of Animal Veterinary & Environmental Sciences (SAVES), Suliman Mtns, Pakistan
    $ 1000 — training and support to remote herder communities and livestock keepers of tribal pastoral communities.
  • Badilisha Ecovillage Trust, Lake Victoria Kenya
    $ 500 — community education on natural resource management, farm & garden production. Read more...
  • Yorta Yorta Indigenous community, Shepparton, VIC
    $ 500 — support for representative to attend APC 11 in NZ

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Interested in supporting permaculture related projects?

If you, or your local or Permaculture group would like to support any of these groups, or project like them you can get in touch with PERMAFUND through contacting either:

  • call John Champagne 02 6492 7306 or email brogopg[at]bigpond.net.au
  • call John McKenzie 0421 699 306 or email jlmckenzie[at]optusnet.com.au

John Champagne tells us about the permafund team

[quote author="John Champagne, Permafund committee member, 2012." image="http://permacultureaustralia.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/john-champagne-150x150.jpg" w="" h="" image_align="right"] PERMAFUND is at a really terrific stage. This year we have revitalised our committee and with a number of new committee members and renewed energy we felt it important to use our small 'kitty' of accumulated funds to show support for active and worthwhile projects. With $7,000 worth of funds and a maximum grant of $1000 per applicant, we called for applications and received a wide range of worthy and innovative applications.

The grant administration has taken longer than we expected and we're all on a learning curve on the committee but we are keen to see this charitable arm of Permaculture Australia scale up to provide tangible and beneficial support. We hope anyone interested in sustainable development and in permaculture will be interested in these projects and inspired and encouraged to get out there and do more in their own lives.


Permafund is the charitable arm of Permaculture Australia

It is registered as an environmental organisation with the Australian government Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities.

All donations over $2 to PERMAFUND are tax deductible.

You can make a donation or find out more about this work and the wider activities of Permafund and Permaculture Australia at:

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