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Permaund supports 5,000 Kenyan children to plant 5,000 trees

Permaund supports 5,000 Kenyan children to plant 5,000 trees
The Organic Technology Extension and Promotion of Initiative Centre  (OTEPIC), in Kitale, Kenya received $2,000 support from Permafund for a tree planting education program. Its aim was to involve the students at 5 local primary schools   in the propagation and planting of 5,000 indigenous trees.
14 tree nurseries have been established in 4 of the schools, using seeds collected from the local area. Training has been delivered on effective tree planting and management to ensure the trees are well maintained & survive.
In a mass-planting exercise involving the students and community members, more than 3,700 trees have been planted, with more to follow. The trees have been inter-cropped with beans, as living mulch, to help control soil erosion, create shade, fix nitrogen & prevent soil loss.
The schools are now setting up their own fruit tree nurseries using techniques they have been taught. The students have developed greater connection with the natural environment through the joint activities and have set up a seed exchange.

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