Attached is a report from workshops held at the 2015 IPC12 convergence in England.
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Ro Morrow

Galvanized by Rowe Morrow, this report offers a unique perspective on how permaculturists are well suited to stage efficient emergency preparedness for refuges.
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Permaculturists are especially well placed to welcome and support refugees because of our principles and knowledge over a wide range of fields and disciplines… and we are everywhere. We understand the civil and environmental conditions that force citizens to leave their homes. We believe that we have some solutions for these and are willing to be active. The following is both a strategy and a plan for a workshop that can be run in your community. It is immensely empowering for all participants. It is easy. Take each heading and ask participants to put down their thoughts and knowledge – very concretely, specifying people and places they know of. Take these ideas as a guide not as a rule.

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